Thursday, 28 November 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131125 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Hollywood Presses Anti-Piracy Trade Measures With Obama - greedy #copyright maximalists always want more #TPP

MEPs demand human rights safeguard clause in European arrest warrant - quite right

#NSA Spied On Porn Habits As Part Of Plan To Discredit 'Radicalizers' - elsewhere, too, most likely (v @schestowitz)

Public Citizen Suing On Behalf Of Customers Whose Credit Was Ruined By #KlearGear's $3,500 'Bad Review' Fee -

Suitcase-Sized #Drones Extend And Deepen #OpenStreetMap's Coverage - fascinating development

Resistance Grows To Inclusion Of Corporate Sovereignty In Canada-EU Trade Agreement (#CETA) - important #ISDS

Buckinghamshire has released Public Rights of Way mapping as #opendata; many councils still refuse - (v @Rchards)

Brussels nervous on public reaction to EU-US trade talks - pity this parrots exaggerated "€100 billion" boost figure

Restoring Trust in EU-US data flows - feeble stuff from #europeancommission, as expected...(v @bendrath)#safeharbour

Helium: an Open Source, supercapacitor-powered portable speaker! -

Senate to oust Berlusconi as Letta wins confidence vote - yay, finally... #italy

“Magnificent Century”: Vehicle for Turkish Soft Power Raises Eyebrows in Conservative Pakistan - #tr #pk

#Tor Appliance - if it's good enough for @Bruce_Schneier....

London CryptoFestival 2013 Schedule - this saturday... #crypto

Decoding the Summer of #Snowden - good, accessible summary in case you'd lost track (v @samgustin)

Demokrati som handelshindring - good article, great headline: "democracy as a trader barrier" (v @olivierhoedeman)

Bombshell Study Finds Methane Emissions From Natural Gas Production Far Higher Than EPA Estimates - not good

EU-Richtlinie: #GEMA & Co müssen Creative Commons erlauben - too right #cc

Canada, Norway fail to overturn EU ban on seal furs - #ISDS in #CETA would overturn this...

The Secret History Of The #London Brick -  facinating tale

“newspaper allegations” of US breaking its side of data-sharing bargain “not enough” to prove it has taken place" -

USTR FOIA, 127 pages of emails between industry and USTR #TPP negotiators - clearly working together closely

Water shortages may make #fracking impractical, industry says - more likely: local streams/rivers will run dry

Stakeholder input sharpens, focuses US work on pharma in #TPP - total cant; but interesting they felt need to say it

The Great Transformation - #Capitalism - interesting points

EU rekindles love affair with Livni - my new-found respect for Ashton just evaporated; shameful betrayal of principle

 EU-Kommission will weiter Bankdaten in die USA schicken - European Commission loses more credibility & legitimacy

How an #opensource computer kit for kids based on #RaspberryPi is taking over Kickstarter - that's good

USTR Announces New Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Proposals for #TPP - starting to panic in wake of leaks?

scientist has used Google Earth to uncover a Middle Eastern fish scam - brilliant stuff #fishing

Crane's eye view of Shanghai - in pictures - but I now feel rather queasy... #china

Wall Street Journal Columnist Repeatedly Gets His Facts Wrong About #NSA Surveillance -  what shoddy journalism

Increasing European Moves To Block Access To Websites Accused Of Helping People Infringe #Copyrights -

#BorisJohnson invokes Thatcher spirit with greed is good speech - time's up, buffoon: your carriage awaits...

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