Monday, 4 November 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131101 -  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

National security: our spy chiefs won't be losing any sleep over their summons by MPs -  more security theatre #gchq

Noam Chomsky slams #Canada 's shale gas energy plans -   #fracking  "will destroy the environment 'as fast as possible' "

Could the Entire Pacific Fishery Be Tainted by #Fukushima ? -  NB high limits in US; coming to EU with #TAFTA / #TTIP ?

More NSA Leakers Followed Snowden’s Footsteps, #Whistleblower  Lawyer Says -  hugely important: "courage is contagious"

"these problems stem from casually authoritarian #Blair  regime, which gave #GCHQ  legal powers that are now exposed" -

Prügel für Diener: Video zeigt brutale Misshandlung in Saudi-Arabien -  savage brutality #saudiarabia

Freihandelsabkommen mit USA: Schulz fordert Verhandlungspause -  strong words, but will anyone listen? #TAFTA / #TTIP

#Revlon  Threatens Legal Action in Attempt to Silence Consumers about Toxic Chemicals in its Cosmetics -   #streisand

From Chen Yongzhou to #Weibo , #China  struggles to keep a lid on stories -  interesting analysis

Germany 'should offer Edward Snowden asylum after NSA revelations' -  increasing #DE  calls make UK look poodle-like

 Nazi-Raubkunst: Fahnder entdecken milliardenschweren Kunstschatz in vermüllter Wohnung -  amazing if confirmed

Free speech under attack -  but few in the UK seem to care (v @mathewi)#gchq  #nsa

The Global Corporatocracy is Almost Fully Operational -  another warning on #TPP , #TAFTA / #TTIP  and #ISDS

Netherlands Town Becomes First In Europe To Vow Fossil Fuel #Divestment  -  first of many; will be big trend of 2014

Australian Scientists Demand Apology From Business Leader For ‘Slur’ On Their Profession -  too right

Drone takes gaming controllers #opensource  for cross platform compatibility -  great idea, confusing name...

Russia, Ukraine Again Block Antarctic Ocean Protections -  please stop playing games, people

Beware the kite-flyers on surveillance, legal aid, judicial review -  disturbing stuff #uk

#EU  touts gains in #CETA , internal document shows -  hey, Canada, EU reckons it bested you: how do you feel now?

 RIAA and BPI Use “Pirated” Code on Their Websites -  tricky stuff this #copyright , no?

#Snowden  Is Not Going To Work At VKontakte -  oh, make up your mind, please...

BirdFont: An #OpenSource , Free Graphical Font Creator And Editor -  looks fun

UK gov reaction to #NSA  leaks eroding freedom, rights groups warn - “damaged reputation for freedom of expression”

Climate experts say nuclear power needed to slow warming -  interesting

Pondering privacy, Part 2: Let’s get over ourselves already -  totally naive and deeply witless #surveillance

 Möglicher NSA-Untersuchungsausschuss: Die zehn Zeugen -  interesting moves in #germany   #snowden

RT @MarkJaccard  #Climate  change draft report predicts war, heat waves, starvation  >>denialists: "hey, no problem"

Britain must stay in EU, says business lobby group -  be insane not to...

Congress should grant Edward #Snowden  amnesty -  great, cogent piece by @YochaiBenkler (v @carlmalamud)

German police recover 1,500 modernist masterpieces 'looted by Nazis' -  amazing story

Supporter paints picture of #Snowden ’s life in Moscow -  he's reading #Pushkin ; say no more... #goodtaste

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