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Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131114 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD - lots on big #TPP leak

#Australie: Our Future Is At Risk - Disclose The #TPP Now - "Christmas has come early this year for big corporations"

"Europe #Commons is a catalogue of civic software & services across EU that help govs work better" - (v @mbauwens)

When trade agreements threaten sovereignty: #Australia beware - #TPP: #ISDS puts corporation above nation: bin it

US, #Australia isolated in #TPP negotiations - @wikileaks' view of its, er, leak

Secretive trade deal spells disaster for #AU IP, copyright - "subject to worst aspects of the US #copyright regime"

Max Planck Institute Principles for Intellectual Property Provisions in Bilateral and Regional Agreements -

End-To-End Encryption Isn't Just About Privacy, But Security - good point #NSA #surveillance

How a Trade Pact Could Harm the Environment - #ISDS will allow companies to sue over better protection

#TPP and #Copyright - clear & concise summary; recommended

Busca EU limitar acceso a Internet en el Pacífico - #mexico starts to wake up to  #TPP

Royalty Collection Agency #SABAM Sued By Belgian Government Over 'Piracy License' Plans - the biter bit #be

C.I.A. Collecting Data on International Money Transfers, Officials Say - & so it goes on #surveillance

EU conflict minerals law hangs in the balance - lobbyists strike again?

RT @EU_TTIP_team EU #TTIP chief negotiator Ignacio Garcia Bercero "regulatory component at the heart of #TTIP negotiations">>you bet

US Court rules Dept. of Homeland Security must reveal ‘internet kill switch’ protocol - interesting... (v @AdV007)

MT @EU_TTIP_team EU #TTIP chief negotiator encourages stakeholders 2 engage with negotiators & share views/information>>nice sense of humour

#Microsoft Admits Its Datacenters Are Wide Open To NSA Attacks - & give zero-days to #NSA: why does anyone use them?

The #TPP and Hollywood’s Holy Grail - good analysis of awful ISP provisions pushed by US/AU (v @ralpost)

Owen calls for release of Blair & Bush #Iraq evidence - "Blair's stance on the material 'an affront' "; too right

Does pursuing investment protection in #TTIP signal more transatlantic mistrust? - good analysis. #ISDS must just go

Access Info and ALTER EU launch a petition calling for full EU #lobby #transparency - important stuff

Competition is killing the #NHS, for no good reason but ideology - read the facts; get angry...

"Momentum is growing in the campaign to stop #TPP" - good summary of growing resistance, now coalescing around leak

Lebensmittelbetrug in Europa weitet sich aus - why we can't let #TAFTA/#TTIP water down food & safety protections

The TPP IP Chapter Leaks: #TPP and #CETA May Conflict on Geographical Indications - interesting point #GI

#Linux Voice - "new Free Software and Linux magazine that gives profits back to the community" #indiegogo

USTR Froman Pitches Benefits Of #TPP For Japan-US Business - good for business, perhaps, but awful for the public

#TPP & #TAFTA/#TTIP seem to be based on some "trickle-down" idea: rich get lots of money, poor get some too as a result. but that's rubbish

there's no attempt 2 justify #TAFTA/#TTIP in terms of public benefit beyond claiming families 500euros "richer" - but only with deregulation

and even then, it's not clear how families get those 500 euros.  I suspect it's an average, that hides vast profits going to big business

EU-US trade talks threaten citizens, environment & democracy - good to see #FoE has spotted #ISDS danger #TAFTA/#TTIP

#TPP 'A Substantial Threat To Australian Sovereignty' - lots of good points here (v @piecritic)#AU

Consumers were right to be worried, but can the #TPP be redeemed? - some interesting points

Europäischer Datenschutzbeauftragter: Scharfe Kritik an Netzneutralitätsvorschlag der EU-Kommission -

Sammelband: Überwachtes Netz - warning: may contain nuts (me...) #snowden

An eBook with #DRM is no book, says French national assembly - "a book is something that can be borrowed"

Garcia Bercero EU TTIP negotiator: "importance of stakeholder engagement and transparency" - except the public, of course...

Dan Mullaney US TTIP negotiator: going on about #openness and #transparency - ironic the total secrecy of the negotiations for public

Dan Mullaney US TTIP negotiator: "nothing will undermine high standard" of public safety, health etc - yeah, we'll see...

Dan Mullaney US TTIP negotiator: "broad stakeholder input been hallmark of this negotation" - rubbish, utter rubbish

Garcia Bercero EU TTIP negotiator: "access to anyone who wants to discuss with anyone" - what, including the public? I doubt it...

Dan Mullaney US TTIP negotiator: "concerted effort to solicit broad range of views - from public? hardly

 Dan Mullaney US TTIP negotiator: "hundreds of meetings with stakeholders" - yes 100s of companies, not NGOS

MT @EU_TTIP_team EU #TTIP negotiator: we follow a firm policy of engaging with all stakeholders >>well, apart from the public, of course

MT @EU_TTIP_team We're not in business of putting into question right to regulate - EU #TTIP chief negotiator >>if it's in favour of corps

Bercero EU TTIP negotiator: "ISDS is something that has to be in line with respect to right to regulate": easy you regulate, & get sued

Mullaney US TTIP negotiator: wants to apply FTA screw: TAFTA/TTIP has to have everything previous FTAs had

"transparency" of #ISDS is irrelevant provided national court systems are transparent - it's a red herring

chemical regulations: REACH and TOSCA v different - no question of harmonising downards or upwards; mutual recognition not an option

TSA's $1 Billion 'Behavioral Detection' Program Only Slightly More Accurate Than A Coin Flip - expensive coin

Why Trade Deals are Privatising Government - good post on how #ISDS would harm UK - and EU #TAFTA/#TTIP

Mistaking Omniscience for Omnipotence - big point: mass #surveillance doesn't help, & probably harms (v @rassina)

de Gucht: "#TTIP will also be a gift to the world" - I agree - in German (

Open Data Bonanza - " an astonishing week for #opendata"

Data Expedition: Investigate the Extractive Industries of #Nigeria - great use of #opendata

“#AU consumers have been betrayed. The intellectual property chapter of #TPP is a monster" - chorus of disapproval

5 key questions – & answers – about leaked #TPP text - "increase Congressional opposition to extending Fast Track"

Consumers' digital rights threatened by #TPP - "no justification to change IP laws in opaque & unaccountable fashion"

 Illegale Kopien: Gerichte erschweren Geschäft mit Massenabmahnungen - long overdue

A Wired Ocean? How Big Data Is Saving Marine Predators - interesting, hopeful

US Senators seek to make college textbooks affordable and open - nice #CC-BY

"lengths US will take to crush dissent and punish challenges to the corporatist #surveillance state" - (v @Smaurizi)

Top Secret Trade Deal #TPP: It Is What We Expected - "the whole thrust of the chapter is to increase protections"

The internet won't forget Cameron's lies, and neither will the British people - nicely angry #tories

Unitaid concerned that #tpp negotiations undermine public health goals - "foreign companies are allowed to sue a gov"

"US is negotiating for IP provisions that it knows it could not achieve through an open democratic process" - #TPP

"Nothing we do will undermine high standards of public health & safety & consumer protection" - #chlorinechickens

Warner Bros: Our False #DMCA Takedowns Are Not a Crime - strange how it never is for them, but always is for public

The MPAA's Plan To Piss Off Young Moviegoers And Make Them Less Interested In Going To Theaters - such cluelessness

UK's reputation is damaged by reaction to #Snowden, says UN official - "political fallout in UK was unacceptable."

#TPP "revelan una clara intención por restringir la capacidad de los estados para regular" - long, thorough piece #mx

#TPP draft: US reasserts its role as a world’s schoolyard bully - "asserting trade monopolies held by the US"

Rechazo a que México se una al pacto para controlar Internet - "El gobierno mexicano no debe comprometerse" #mx #TPP

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