Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131102 - http://bit.ly/16zh2cq  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#CIA  made doctors #torture  suspected terrorists after 9/11, taskforce finds - http://bit.ly/1iGFb3a  disgusting betrayal

Yarl's Wood sex inquiry witness to be deported without speaking to police - http://bit.ly/17HcOAt  blatant attempt to silence her #UK

UK must act to halt mutilation of girls – report - http://bit.ly/18RXcpJ  "#FGM has not resulted in a prosecution in Britain"

Is this #Tibet 's big chance? - http://bit.ly/1cFw8Oo  let's hope: it deserves one for a change... #epetition

Bundesregierung lehnt Asyl für #Snowden  ab - http://bit.ly/1bS4Rr0  regrettable, but probably safer for him (v @kyrah @Asher_Wolf)

Berlin seeks privacy rules in EU-US trade pact - http://bit.ly/1aZ0w5e  really? or is it just playing games? #nsa   #TAFTA / #TTIP

Google’s Schmidt blasts #NSA  over fiber-optic snooping - http://bit.ly/1dHFhXR  oh, so your privacy is important, just ours that isn't...?

urgent: #netneutrality . it looks like the European Parliament is trying to sneak through a one-day consultation - http://bit.ly/1731T5A

European Parliament draft report on private copy levies – serious or satire? - http://bit.ly/1aXWnQP  what a total joke

EU and US to hold 2nd round of TTIP in Brussels on 11-15 November - http://bit.ly/1an01PS  "gains" quoted still require massive deregulation

re EU #netneutrality  consultation: apparently it was in ITRE Newsletter ("special edition") & on the ITRE website on 17 October 2013...

re #EU   #netneutraliy , apparently it's the end of business day tomorrow, but if you let them know something is coming later, should be OK too

.@OfficialSnowden I hope so, but is it?  clear case where a verified account is needed, no? (and probably a PGP key...)

OK, in case you missed it: RT ‏@ggreenwald 1h  Fake --- >@OfficialSnowden >>as I rather suspected...

#Brazil  approaches #India  for global summit to discuss U.S. surveillance - http://bit.ly/1hHBNHx  interesting alliance (v @dml)

Privacy International files OECD complaints against telcos for role in UK mass surveillance program - http://bit.ly/1a32DG4  nice move

The Rogers Doctrine: More Transparency Creates More Privacy Violations, Since You'll Find Out About Them - http://bit.ly/1iHJMC7  insane

Kurt Eichenwald Claims #Snowden  Is A Chinese Spy And Leaks Are Just To Protect Their Cyber Attacks - http://bit.ly/1aA3UHi  riiight

#Brazil  Acknowledges Spying on Diplomatic Targets - http://nyti.ms/184Qu01  awkward... (v @suprfluo)

The Best Comments From The Worst Video: The Internet Vs. The #NSA 's Charm Offensive - http://bit.ly/19v27kJ  lovely deconstruction

#Yahoo  zur Europaparlaments-Anhörung: Sorry, können und dürfen nix sagen - http://bit.ly/17Ig5zB  lovely slap in the face for EU

AetherPal, Software That Lets Mobile Carriers Remotely Support Your Smartphone - http://tcrn.ch/1hI2vji  yeah, sounds legit...

EU-Canada trade deal: bad news for democracy - http://bit.ly/1aAh0Eu  a dry run for #TAFTA / #TTIP ? we must see a text now - no excuses #CETA

This tiny fish is scarfing down your plastic trash - http://bit.ly/1anzMca  & that's almost certainly bad news...

"We do not know exactly how NSA & GCHQ intercept data, other than it happens on British territory." - http://wapo.st/174cxcj  (v @trevortimm)

This transatlantic trade deal is a full-frontal assault on democracy - http://bit.ly/17CfelS  @GeorgeMonbiot discovers #ISDS  in #TAFTA / #TTIP

Blunkett calls for urgent review of laws governing security services - http://bit.ly/1aApsDG  wow, that's quite a turnaround #gchq   #ripa

Security in Internet Protocols - http://bit.ly/1hIoDtY  helpful review of what's become a key area of concern #crypto

Lavabit creator launches Kickstarter campaign for dark mail #opensource  project for #encrypted  email - http://tnw.co/1cAsyt8  got $196,608?

Hackers Get Tons Of Detailed Info On Nearly 1 Million Rich & Famous By Copying Major Limo Broker Service's Database - http://bit.ly/HCXuuY

Blistering exposé prompts Hopkins to suspend black-lung screenings - http://bit.ly/1a3I0cE  damning stuff (v @dangillmor)

Two billion planets in our galaxy may be suitable for life - http://bit.ly/174I1yV  greatly increases odds it exists somewhere else...

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