Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131125 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Errors, lies and secrecy: don’t trust govts on national security - great analysis (v @VictimsofDSTO)#snowden #AU

re last RT: what @seafishuk don't want you to know: "the stealth tax that says to hell with North Sea cod stocks -"

#TPP threatens "sovereign ability of nations to protect public health from tobacco-related disease & death" [pdf] -

 Upgrade to CC-BY((NC((ND|SA))?|ND|SA))?-4\.0 - interesting comment on #CC-SA

Shameful Business: Corporate Giants Target Activists & Non-profits 4 Corporate Espionage - #Microsoft, #Monsanto etc

#NAFTA Successfully Undermined Regulations -  paved way for #TPP and #TAFTA/#TTIP (v @CeOlivet @pablosolon)

Troll wins #Newegg encryption patent case, threatening web firms that protect customers - US patent system is a joke

Julian #Assange unlikely to be charged in US - but is it a trick? (v @charles_consult @kaatje36)

#Xinjiang university students must have political views approved - #china really wants to be hated...

.@MBarnierEU:"Je vais lancer une consultation publique" on #copyright - we shall see (v @NeelieKroesEU)

Salt Lake #TPP negotiations end with growing desperation - who knows what will be the outcome...?

#NSA May Have Hit Internet Companies at a Weak Spot - more details emerge

NAFTA & US Farmers—20 Years Later - "food system that is dominated by fewer and bigger corporations" cf. #TAFTA/#TTIP

Leaked doc shows EU fear of inferiority in #TAFTA - "Commission during meeting presented its new website on #TTIP"

Trade unions oppose privileged rights for corps. in #CETA - "failings of the #NAFTA must not be replicated"

Gobierno de #Ecuador invita a sociedad a elaborar de forma transparente un borrador de Ley del Software Libre - nice

Facebook Messenger still reigns in the U.S. but other countries look to #WhatsApp - watch out, #facebook...

I am Richard Dawkins, scientist, researcher, author of 12 books, mostly about evolution, plus The God Delusion. AMA -

Are UK organisations merely paying lip service to whistleblowing? - more whistleblowers needed...

Open router project launched to improve network #privacy - looks interesting #surveillance

43 Analyses of the Text of Leaked #TPP Text - this is the richness that #transparency brings: tabled documents now

Report: Android Tablets Will Be on the Rise Next Year - #android tabs becoming the new #windows?

Medieval #Canada threatens global biodiversity - "not all future Anthropocenes were created equal." (v @MarkJaccard)

"Clinical trial data cannot be considered trade secrets as they are generated ‘using’ human beings" - too right

How Big #Tobacco’s divide-and-conquer strategy exposed the #’s flaws - great reporting, sordid tale (v @DrRimmer)

.@UniversitiesUK:"does not promote gender segregation" – witless policy, great comments on it (v @Stephen_Curry)

Here’s why Obama trade negotiators push the interests of Hollywood and drug companies - excellent report (v @burcuno)

#NSA surveillance: Europe threatens to freeze US data-sharing arrangements - go Viv, go...

US #TPP Negotiators Accused Of Bullying; Refusing To Budge On Ridiculous IP And Corporate Sovereignty Demands -

EU to ban fish imports from Belize, Guinea and Cambodia - great move; kudos to @MariaDamanakiEU

If You Don't Care About The NSA Because You 'Haven't Done Anything Wrong,' You're Wrong -  yup

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