Thursday, 14 November 2013


 Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131112 -  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Snowden  is running out of money, his lawyer revealed -  we must set up some kind of support for him...

House Stalls Trade Pact Momentum -  resistance to #TPP  grows among US politicians

Licences for Europe: the Commission´s failed, escapist #copyright  discussion -  total fiasco for European Commission

Internet Archive Fire Shows Vulnerability Of The World's Online Memory -  too important to lose #libraries

Chinese CCTV #Surveillance  Defeated By Chinese Smog -  </cough> #china

EBLIDA calls on the European Commission to open in‐depth discussions on #copyright  reform -  licensing not the way

"más importante ofensiva que el capital trasnacional ha emprendido en contra de la soberanía de las naciones" -   #TPP

"build-up of manmade greenhouse gases in the atmosphere meant a warmer future was now inevitable" -   #denialists

big: #TPP  intellectual monopolies draft leaked -  as we feared - bad

KEI analysis of #Wikileaks  leak of #TPP  IPR text, from August 30, 2013 -  appalling; this is why they keep it secret

julian assange on #TPP  live -   #wikileaks

#TPP  Trade deal could be bitter medicine -   #AU  newspapers begin to wake up to how much #Australia  will lose

urgent: please share this analysis of #TPP  leak as widely as possible -  public finding out is what they fear most

analysis of #TPP  leak from -  "How TPP Endangers Access 2 Knowledge, Technology, & Information"

"What’s New in the WikiLeaks #TPP  Text?" [pdf] -  more useful analysis, especially of #patent  and pharma issues

don't forget: US will try to make #TPP  the template for #TAFTA / #TTIP ; so the bad stuff in leak will be coming to the #EU  as well as pacific

1st #TPP  LEak Evokes Memories of #SOPA  -  "unless US drops out-there-alone demands, there may be no deal at all.”

#TPP  IP Chapter Leaks: Canada Pushing Back Against Draconian U.S. Demands -  US the bully here, as usual...

Todo lo que tienes que saber del capítulo filtrado del #TPP  en Wikileaks -  good analysis from Chilean viewpoint #cl

Canada says EU is "unscientific" -  from country that refuses to allow its scientists to speak:

#Australia  backs the US at every turn against its own consumers -  at last people can see the truth... #TPP

#Australians  may pay the price in #TPP  -  people beginning to wake up... #au

Conservative party deletes archive of speeches from internet -  anyone checked Internet Archive yet? #memory

#TPP  leaks reveal trade battle -  good New Zealand perspective #NZ

"#TPP includes some of harshest provisions against access to medicines ever included in a trade agreement" -

Medicine prices could rise under #TPP  deal -  more commentary from #Australia

Culture & Empire - this looks interesting; #ebook #cc

EFF Represents ProPublica in Motion Seeking Release of Secret Court Opinions -  good stuff #NSA

MT @Joscelyn Guantánamo's 12th anniversary. Of 779 detainees, only 7 have been convicted and sentenced  >>#torture

WikiLeaks Reveals Provisions of #TPP  Where Countries Oppose -  unusual & valuable analysis from @kgosztola

#TPP  IP Chapter Leaked, Confirming It's Worse Than #ACTA  -  now we've got it, we can fight it

In Letters to Obama, 151 House Democrats, GOP Announce Opposition to ‘Fast Track’ -  "Fast Track is history" #TPP

Recent Letters from U.S. Congress Reveal Why President Obama Cannot Obtain “Fast Track” Trade Authority -   #TPP

US patent moves are 'profoundly bad' in leaked #TPP  -  "bama sides with locked phones & Big Pharma" (v @wikileaks)

Update on the second round of #TAFTA / #TTIP  negotiations -  must be time for a leak soon... cf. #TPP

Cell Phone Cos. Offer Carefully Worded Denials To Question Of Whether #NSA  Can Track Powered-Down Cell Phones -

por qué no le han concedido al Presidente Obama la Autoridad de Promoción Comercial, conocida como la “Vía Rápida” -

Leak reveal Canadian government pressured by US to accept extreme Internet censorship proposals in the #TPP  -   #CA

Wikileaks’ Release Of #TPP  Chapter On IP Blows Open Secret Trade Negotiation -  good summary of what happened

WikiLeaks publishes secret draft chapter of #TPP  -  rather dazed report from @guardian (v @davidecarroll @DerekKhanna)

 Leaked #TPP  Chapter: 5 Scary Provisions In WikiLeaks' Trans-Pacific Partnership Release -  (v @wikileaks)

Leaked #TPP  is a Hollywood wish list. Could it derail Obama’s trade agenda? -  note USTR's mealy-mouthed comment

Primul festival de filme sub licență liberă din România -  good to see (in both senses...) #cc   #ro

Facebook’s Open Academy lets university students work on open source projects for academic credit -  sounds familiar

In Oral Argument, the Fed Gov Once Again Refuses to Admit there are any Structural Limits to Fed Power -  NB for #TPP (v Stephen Kellat)

#Snowden  effect: young people now care about #privacy  -  impressive, if confirmed (v @Privacymatters @PrivacyCamp)

#TPP  Leak Confirms Worst: US Negotiators Still Trying to Trade Away Net Freedoms -  @EFF's easily-digestible summary

Secret #TPP  Text Leaked as Left and Right Criticize “Corporate Power Grab” -  quite an achievement (v @fifarahman)

Obama Trade Document Leaked, Revealing New Corporate Powers And Broken Campaign Promises -   #TPP

US blocks publication of Chilcot’s report on how UK went to war with #Iraq  -  poodles must be obedient (v @Joscelyn)

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