Saturday, 9 November 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131107 -  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Si la Chine accumule les lingots d'or, c'est pour mieux imposer sa monnaie, le yuan -  big, if true (v @clarinette02)

US loses #Unesco  voting rights after stopping funds over #Palestine  decision -  wow, straws in the wind...

SOS: Unclear, torturous path for EU ratification of Marrakesh Treaty -   #copyright  maximalists keep kicking the blind

#Snowden  persuaded other NSA workers to give up passwords -  if true, means #NSA  internal security worse than feared

Happy Ninth Birthday #Firefox ! -  how time flies when you're having fun #mozilla

Chinese labor camp inmate tells of true horror of Halloween 'SOS' -  amazing story (v @BoingBoing)#china

Data Retention Means You Are On The Record, Like It Or Not -  raises important questions for EU

Bank statement ads based on your spending habits? Cardlytics’ rollout continues -  have we learnt nothing? (v @AdV007)

Former UN climate chief: 'Australia should send minister to Warsaw talks' -  what have you become, #australia ?

Tony Abbott presumably thinks this is just a spot of bad weather:  nothing to worry about - unless you're in its path

Rep. Grayson Asks Eric Holder If US Citizen Glenn Greenwald Will Actually Be Allowed Back Into US Without Arrest -

Government Asks Court To Bar Opposing Lawyer From Calling It 'The Government'; Hilarity Ensues -  understandably

"despite the best efforts of the founders to keep the United States from becoming a monarchy, we're there" -   #snowden

Microsoft Makes $2 Billion Per Year From Android Patent Royalties -  its progression to full-on troll continues

Rich Chinese turn to surrogacy for #US  citizenship -  cost to hire an american womb, allegedly: about $160K. #china

Spy chiefs can give evidence without sky falling in - so let's reform #oversight  -  good piece from @julianhuppert  #uk

Britain’s New Flood Protection Plan: Surrender To The Ocean -  totally rational, actually...

1.9 TONS of ivory found in Chinese home in Tanzania -  disgusting. come on, #china , you can solve this

Belgian Commissioner De Gucht to face trial for tax fraud -  well, fancy that #TAFTA / #TTIP

Hotfile Wants MPAA to Stop Using Piracy, Theft and Stealing Terms in Court -  great point: words matter

Überwachtes Netz -  looks full of good stuff; pity they let some riff-raff in towards the end...</cough> #snowden

 A Fraying of the Public/Private Surveillance Partnership -  glints of hope from @Bruce_Schneier (v @CasparBowden)

#GCHQ  data snooping has "destroyed trust in British tech" -  @rossjanderson fulminates (v @ervinjuresa @Thomas_Drake1)

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