Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131110 - http://bit.ly/1bsLFQV  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Quantum Spying: #GCHQ Targeted Engineers with Fake LinkedIn Pages - http://bit.ly/1azOexN clever & irresponsible (v @open_spectrum)#MITM

Monopoly on Idiocy - http://bit.ly/1azOLQk "current patent system cannot be fixed; it must be abolished". yup

NSA: analogue spying laws must catch up with digital era - http://bit.ly/1btncuE "foreigners still have no legal redress" (v @CasparBowden)

 The #COP19 Guide to Corporate Lobbying - http://bit.ly/1ajutOv "with some of the biggest climate crooks as official 'partners' "

#TAFTA/#TTIP Aim at Barriers, Not Tariffs - http://on.wsj.com/HPFPAr IOW deregulating health, safety, environmentj protection (v @ThiruGeneva)

EU-US historic trade deal: ‘Putting the corporation above the nation’ - http://bit.ly/1cNEEyU oh, that was me, apparently #TAFTA/#TTIP

Stop fast track authority for Trans Pacific trade deal - http://bit.ly/18lAuXG from 2 weeks ago; still true... #TPP

The US-EU trade deal: don't buy the hype - http://bit.ly/1dY79qS "an opportunity to do an end-run around such [health, safety] regulation"

EU-US trade deal is no 'assault on democracy' - http://bit.ly/17ORBGT tries to trivialise corporations suing nations, plus deregulation

also we don't "decline to hire that all-American SUV" on holiday in the US because it's a limited risk for a week; we don't go to live there

Copyright Extension Goes Into Effect In The UK: More Works Stolen From The Public Domain - http://bit.ly/17ZnaM6 *real* copyright theft

Dan Geer Explains the Government Surveillance Mentality - http://bit.ly/19VVzf6 good analysis #nsa #totalsurveillance

Blind & severely disabled teen "bullied" by Government into proving he can't work - http://bit.ly/1cf6Ohl is this what Tories have made UK?

The Birth of a #PoliceState: UK Police to be Granted Sweeping New Powers - http://bit.ly/1dYcmz1 just madness

#TAFTA: Down with Anti-Democratic US-EU Negotiations! - http://bit.ly/17j5UgY saith @laquadrature #TTIP

#Cooperatives: A Hope for Trickle Up Democracy? - http://bit.ly/1iZz0Y8 "direct challenge to the corporate business model"

Out in the Open: How to Get Google Maps Directions Without Google - http://wrd.cm/HJgVBV good to see #openstreetmaps doing this

Negotiators meet for the second round of #TAFTA/TTIP talks - http://bit.ly/1aOXwfs some crumbs of info: we need all tabled documents now

Wie die Gentech-Lobby Freihandelsgespr√§che ausnutzt - http://bit.ly/HNLeaU excellent report: how GMOs will be forced on EU in #TAFTA/#TTIP

good piece from @MarietjeSchaake -  http://bit.ly/1hActWm about #surveillance, #whistleblowing, #balkanisation, #netneutrality </applause>

40 Armed Gun Advocates Intimidate Mothers Against Gun Violence In Restaurant Parking Lot - http://bit.ly/HQ9Ksk gun insanity (v @ralpost)

AOL Unclear On The Concept: Threatens Startup For Properly Using Creative Commons Content - http://bit.ly/1hAeC4u #cc

Air Pollution Death Rates Rising In Half #London Boroughs - http://bit.ly/1hAfKVB shame on #Boris for allowing this...

Netflix, YouTube gobble up half of Internet traffic - http://cnet.co/1buTXb0 "file sharing is a sliver of its former self"

Uranium investors eye #NAFTA challenge in Quebec - http://bit.ly/19X02OK another corporate attack on democratic sovereignty

Letter from AARP and 14 Other Civil Society Groups to Obama on Trans Pacific Partnership and Medicine Prices - http://bit.ly/16WeAwV #TPP

Typhoon #Haiyan: Philippines prepares #climatechange plans for worse to come - http://bit.ly/1gDBZJ1 poor pay rising price of #denialism

#Polio Threatens Europe as Virus Makes Comeback Amid Wars - http://bloom.bg/HJsitn indirect result of US killing #BinLaden (v @asteris)

#NSA's Vast Surveillance Powers Extend Far Beyond Counterterrorism, Despite Misleading Government Claims - http://bit.ly/1eEzUvG

Will the Pacific Rim Become a Gasland? Dirty #Fracking & #TPP - http://infojustice.org/archives/31188 good review of situation in #US, #CA, #AU, #NZ

Let’s Do the #AbbVie Again - http://bit.ly/1cgxeiL "AbbVieing is another word for reporting adverse events on drugs" nice #pharma

It's business that really rules us now - http://bit.ly/1dZgjDr "a state-corporate nexus of power has bypassed democracy" & BBC is complicit

UK Information commissioner voices fears over scale of #NSA surveillance - http://bit.ly/1dizSG1 &: "we got taken for mugs" – Chakrabarti

Free software and comparative evaluation in the Italian Public Administration - http://red.ht/19XUaok things moving in right direction? #it

"many decades into the future, they may put Edward #Snowden 's picture on a postage stamp" - http://huff.to/1eF66Pu  hope so (v @ggreenwald)

"Under the proposals of the #TPP , American sovereignty would be eroded." - http://bit.ly/17Q5uoe  & all the other nations', too...

Typhoon Haiyan: there is worse to come - http://bit.ly/1i2B4kn  "1st disaster to kill >a million people could happen within our lifetimes"

Australian mining company threatens water security in El Salvador - http://bit.ly/HSELe1  using #ISDS  in Central American FTA

#TPP  101 in Less than 4 Minutes. Go. - http://bit.ly/17r6JKe  good summary; "a huge limit on internet freedom"

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