Saturday, 2 November 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131031 -  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#India 's Approach To #Pharma  Patents Under US Attack, But Other BRICS Nations Likely To Adopt It -  can't stop it now

Inside #Google ’s new 1-million-square-foot #London  office—three years before it’s ready -  has to be said, looks nice

#Japan  Likely To Pass New Secrecy Law That Would Put #Whistleblowers  And Journalists In Jail -  this is not good

Encryption Works: How to Protect Your Privacy in Age of #NSA  Surveillance -  from a few months back, but good advice

#Snowden 's letter to #Germany  (and the world)  "speaking the truth is not a crime" (v @ronzheimer)

RT @philipoltermann Ströbele says #Snowden  would prefer to speak in front of US Congress rather than Bundestag if given choice>>brave chap

The UK debate about #NSA  spying is as nuanced as a James Bond film -  "obsequiousness, ignorance and threats"

#Snowden ’s letter, which Reuters reports is to chancellor Angela Merkel -  transcript of typewritten text

British PM gets it: good business requires good, #opendata  -  pity cluefulness doesn't extend a bit further

Google sticks with VP8, opposes Cisco’s push to make H.264 the default codec for WebRTC -  so much for standards

Welcome to #GCHQ  -  "We are a secret organisation. We cannot publish all that we do" (v @e3i5)

#snowden  interview: "Ich bereue nichts" -  glad to hear it (v @SMaurizi)

#DarkMail  and Secure Protocols according to #Mailpile  -  "crucial that DarkMail be open about what they're doing"

"Governments like #India  are now cherry-picking worst practices, in a race for the bottom in terms of human rights" -

The Coming Chinese #Android  Invasion -   #Apple  vs #Google  is so yesterday: this is the future #opensource   #china

Plans for UK's first garden bridge: the £150m project to span the Thames -  truly fab idea - hope it happens #london

#Snowden 's New Job Is Tech Support 4 Russia's VKontakte -  at least it's not facebook (v @AdrianChen @Asher_Wolf)

A historic opportunity to change how we spy -  "it’s about public accountability" (v @CasparBowden)#gchq

© term 4 sound recordings increases from 50 to 70 years today -  *this* is copyright theft (v @copyrightgirl @KK_LLP)

Executive Order -- Preparing the US for Impacts of Climate Change -  great, but what will happen? (v @IsCool @arjan)

Report Shows EU Procurement Lock-In Unabated -  "Surely it’s time for European Commission to take matter seriously?"

#GCHQ  leaks: we can't just guillotine all debate with the phrase 'national security' -  by Dominic Raab (v @Glinner)

#GCHQ  and European spy agencies worked together on mass surveillance -  hardly a surprise at this point, but still...

#gchq  "has found Italian intelligence community to be fractured & unable/unwilling to cooperate with one another" -

John Kerry Admits That The NSA Has Gone Too Far; Will He Take Back His Labelling Ed #Snowden  A Traitor? -  only fair

Apparently James Clapper And The #NSA  Don't See Eye-To-Eye On #Transparency  -  well well well...

"The Digital Strategy is in effect mechanism by which coalition will privatize UK's entire public administration." -

U.S. Snooping Makes It a Neighbourhood Pariah -  "goes back to this idea of U.S. exceptionalism" (v @mala)#nsa

British army joins fight against elephant & rhino poaching -  well done, Owen Paterson (eek, did I really write that?)

Mögliche Aussage in Berlin: Washington besteht auf Auslieferung Snowdens -  sounds dodgy to me...

Dumbest Logic Ever: 9/11 Happened Without Today's #NSA  Surveillance, And That's Proof Why It's Necessary -   #logicfail

#NSA  surveillance may cause breakup of internet, warn experts -  maybe, maybe not

Laurie Anderson, 'O Superman,' 1981 -  if you don't know this, you have a treat in store. a modern masterpiece...

Internet revolution, or more of the same? -  "Net Governance War, where countries compete with their own versions"

Word Travels Fast -  sounds an interesting temporal slice through the idea of media

Unii, A Student-Only Social Network, Signs Up 100,000+ Users In 6 Months In UK -  I wondered when this would happen

Open government civil society organisations concerned about disproportionate surveillance by governments -   #opendata

Why Is #RedHat  Associated With Letter That Calls More User Rights In Copyright A Dangerous 'Contagion'? -  why indeed?

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