Friday, 8 November 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131106 -  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

 Nick Clegg to say he won't allow government U-turn on environment -  well, that's good; greenest government, Cameron?

US spooks play into hands of Russia, China who want control over global digital citizens -  this (v @IanBrownOII)

Australian Government Announces Rare Public Consultation On TPP -- Then Bans All Journalists From Attending -  amazing

Sanctions against benefits claimants soar -  so how about doing same for MPs who cheat on their expenses? only fair...

Leading business groups move to halt drive for corporate #transparency  -  part of new push for #deregulation  in #EU

'sham marriage' police storm real wedding -  what a mean-spirited, pathetic bunch of clowns (v @aral)#uk

"This session will be one that is collaborative rather than confrontational." -  IOW, pure, pointless, theatre #gchq

Australian spy agency helped BHP negotiate trade deals -  here comes the economic espionage (v @Asher_Wolf)#au  #jp

Governments gather in Jakarta to discuss alternatives and options for reform of investment arbitration -   #ISDS

#TAFTA / #TTIP  Update IV -  re-balancing trade agreements to take in account human rights & public interest #ISDS

Rockstar vs. Google: #Softwarepatents  as a license for privateering -  shameless stuff

Internet Archive's Scanning Center Fire — Please Help Rebuild -  dreadful news

The super-rich no longer need a middle class -  important analysis - explains much about US (& UK soon?) (v @SMaurizi)

Scholarly publishing: The week my life changed -  @petermurrayrust would be a great #Shuttleworth  Fellow #openaccess

School Threatens Child With Expulsion For Halloween Drawings -  yeah, that's proportionate...

X-rays reveal inner structure of the Earth's ancient magma ocean -  this is so cool #Ilovescience

Japanese politician causes uproar by giving letter on Fukushima to emperor -   #jp  makes UK look positively unbuttoned

given how "#terrorism" is being stretched ridiculously by UK government, hope has to be that this abuse will render it utterly meaningless

#AU ’s seas may soon teem with tiny, lethal jellyfish, thanks to warming seas -  good job AU gov says it can't happen

#INDECT  geht in die finale Phase und will Personen überwachen, die über rote Ampeln gehen -  outrageous it continues

UK Gov't Losing The Plot: Now Claiming #Snowden  Leaks Could Help Pedophiles -  you can't get lower than this

no recognition, of course, that the Internet actually makes total global #surveillance  possible for first time... #GCHQ   #MI5   #MI6

naive to think that terrorists would not find out about weaknesses in other ways: you can't keep secrets of any kind in a networked world

oh look, it's the old "haystack" analogy - this means they are clueless. you don't find needles in haystack - didn't they realise that?

the secret services sound like the copyright industry: they want everything to say as it was, before the Internet came along...

"proportionality"??? downloading the entire incoming & outgoing Internet, holding it for 2 days, keeping metadata for 30 is proportionate ?

Chinese military still hacking foreign companies, but this time with political cover from NSA -  doh. well done, #NSA

TSA Security Theater Makes Unwilling Co-Star Out Of 3-Year-Old With Rare Medical Condition -  makes my blood boil...

"investor-state dispute settlement included in #TAFTA / #TTIP  is a scandal" -  great to see @davidmartinmep gets this

UK's enemies are 'rubbing their hands with glee', says MI6 chief -  yes, that idiots have backdoored the Net's #crypto

NSA & GCHQ mass surveillance is violation of EU law, report finds -  UK gov says "blah-blah-blah" (v @ClaudeMoraesMEP)

UK intelligence chiefs get off scot-free from TV grilling on #NSA  leaks -  good summary of a bad joke at our expense

China says will stamp out Dalai Lama's voice in Tibet -  how the mighty Middle Kingdom seems scared of a weak old man

Questioning of spy agency chiefs 'wouldn't have scared a puppy' -  risible #gchq   #mi5   #mi6

Mining Company Sues #Canada  Over #Fracking  Ban in Quebec -  good explanation of the problems with #ISDS  (v @PCGTW)

How Can the New York Times Endorse an Agreement the Public Can't Read? -  totally irresponsible #TPP

Intelligence & transparency: nothing to see here -  "barely touched on substantive issues raised by Snowden documents"

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