Thursday, 14 November 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131113 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD - lots on big #TPP leak

Blue Wednesday for Obama trade agenda - things rapidly going pear shaped... #TPP

For controversial trade pact, fire from the left, the right and WikiLeaks - "Fast Track is history" #TPP

#TPP "could leave Kiwis being placed under surveillance as part of a US-led crackdown on internet piracy." - #NZ

US wants to criminalise breaking region codes - AU "siding with the US government turn after turn" #TPP

#NZ Government not Wikileaks should reveal #TPP facts - "big corporations being able to lock in excess profits"

"huge chasm between what US is demanding and what almost all the other countries are prepared to put on #TPP table" -

#TPP a ‘corporate wishlist’: iiNet - overriding #AU courts (v @DrRimmer)

Won't Somebody Think Of The Cows? New Zealand On The Brink Of Sacrificing Its Digital Future In #TPP Negotiations -

publishing industry pledges to make more content available in EU - what a joke: utterly worthless #copyright

#TPP leak reveals US global copyright plans - "#AU position against offering safe harbour for ISPs surprising"

UK public #opensource falls short of promise - yet again...

Leaked papers show #TPP puts internet providers under Hollywood’s thumb - #malaysia (v @wikileaks)

Outrage as #TPP leak reveals piracy criminalisation - "draconian measures if caught infringing (c)" (v @Asher_Wolf)

#TPP puts #Australia in ‘absurd’ position, say experts - "AU support for many “self-defeating or absurd provisions”

TTIP Update V - what the #TPP leak means for #TAFTA/#TTIP

#TPP Leaks: The Battle Over #ISP Liability - crucially important issue #surveillance #censorship

MEP Gallo defends #tobacco industry against plain-packaging - disgusting #cancer

80 Law Professors Call for Public Process for #TPP - worried this is turning into another #ACTA

Parlamento o Fotocopiamento? - "spese di stampa e fotocopie: 7,8 milioni di euro in un anno" #pazzo

USTR's Weakass Response To #TPP's IP Chapter Leaking - good takedown

.@NeelieKroesEU:"#Copyright should not be a tool of obstruction and control, but something that enables" - key point

UK Political Party Tries To Dump 10 Years Of Speeches Down The Memory Hole - something to hide Dave? #tories

Letter from AARP & 14 Other Civil Society Groups to Obama on TPP and Medicine Prices - people will die 'cos of #TPP

#Mozilla Reaffirms its Focus on Emerging Markets for #Firefox OS - makes sense

Google: We're bombarded by gov't requests on user data - interesting stats (v @trevortimm)#nsa

US Gov't Circulates Watch List of Buyers of Polygraph Training Materials - => they work; => #polygraph doesn't

Internet Of Everything: Where Technology & Innovation Meet To Make The World A Better Place - one word: #surveillance

Help Turn Voices from BBC Radio into #OpenData for Wikipedia - #opensource

'Blood #ivory' worth $10bn to be crushed by US officials - why not sell it all in China, & drive prices down hugely?

After #NSA Scandal, Crop of #Whistleblower Communication Tools - good roundup of important area (v @dangillmor)

Google Gets Total Victory Over Authors Guild: Book Scanning Is Fair Use - huge win for #google & #fairuse

The Conservatives' website purge has destroyed history - key point: they had a responsibility to preserve this stuff

THE #SNOWDEN SAGA: Here's Everything We Know About The Leak Of The Century - link-rich (v @normative)

#TAFTA/#TTIP: Citizens of the Food Movement, Be Prepared! - useful analysis (v @PCGTW)

Interview: Hacker OPSEC with The Grugq - this: "Double down on HUMINT and scale back SIGINT" #nsa #gchq

What does #TPP leak mean for the Internet? - interview with @maira from @EFF

The Most Nefarious Part Of The #TPP Proposal: Making #Copyright Reform Impossible - locking down the future

Grâce à Wikileaks on a la confirmation que l'accord #TPP est pire qu'#ACTA - c'est vrai...

Black Country headteacher defends ban on dialect in classrooms - seriously? I thought this went out in 19th century

the second operating system hiding in every mobile phone - this is worrying (v @AdV007)#surveillance

Call for #AU goverment to come clean over US trade deal - more pressure to release full #TPP text

Leaked document shows big rifts in #TPP - "a final text by year's end seems increasingly unlikely." (v @DrRimmer)

Paintings in #Proust (Vol. 1, Swann’s Way) - brilliant use of #publicdomain materials (v @jjn1)

#TPP: WikiLeaks Publishes Secret Trade Text to Rewrite Copyright Laws, Limit Net Freedom - good debate (v @DrRimmer)

Time to release full #TPP text - "US is using this agreement to drive through new rules to benefit its companies"

"I see no reason that, with some proper support, [evolutionary experiment] can’t reach 250,000 generations" - wow

Why I’m leaving the Labour Party, and joining the Grüne in Germany - interesting...

"wonderful upsides" to #TPP - but what about cost of downsides: loss of #PD, creativity, startups. need both sides.

#TPP hit by double whammy - "No government in its right mind would make any commitments to US in this environment"

4 Terrible Things About the Intellectual Property Section of the Leaked #TPP - "potentially damaging" (v @wikileaks)

U.S. urges #Japan to abolish tariffs on all farm products except #rice - now it gets interesting #TPP

Keep Spying on Foreigners, #NSA - wow: truly deranged in its twisted analysis #privacy (v @jorisvanhoboken @AdV007)

Proposed Ecuadorean Criminal Code poses serious threat to user privacy - "all ISPs [must] spy on their customers"

Congress May Not Be So Eager To Simply Hand Over Its Own Authority To The Obama Administration To Approve #TPP -

Capture, Sunlight, And The #TPP Leak - good piece on agency capture

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