Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131104 -  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Help: EU #NetNeutrality Consultation Closes Today -   sorry, I only heard about this yesterday #urgent

Revealed: Britain's 'secret listening post in the heart of Berlin'  -  lots more where this came from (v @superglaze)

Why Opening Up Clinical Trials Data Is Good For Pharma Companies Too -  so let's release it

China’s latest version of Viagra comes from kangaroo testicles -  but what do the kangaroos think about it?

transatlantic trade deal is a full-frontal assault on democracy -  good @GeorgeMonbiot piece on #ISDS  in #TAFTA / #TTIP

Johnson & Johnson to pay $2 billion for false marketing -  whoa, that's big (v @pharmagossip @evaottesmith)

#Cyprus : the home of British/American Internet surveillance in Middle East -  the thought did occur to me #gchq   #nsa

NASA's Kepler ushers in a new era of astronomy -  imagine what we'd know if we didn't waste money on wars...

VPN Provider Details DMCA and User Data Requests in Transparency Report -   #transparency  is good

Legal Implications of #TAFTA / #TTIP  for the Acquis Communautaire and the ENVI Relevant Sectors -  seriously bad news

Whistleblowing in Europe: the time has come to tell a new story -  yes, supporting #whistleblowers  key task for us all

#Canada  quietly ratifies controversial international investment convention -  will regret doing this (v @Morality124)

New Images Of Revamped Battersea Power Station -  great; now please get on with it... #london

Telegraph piece smearing Guardian asks wrong Q -  which is: how many of 850K accessing GCHQ dbs have abused that info?

#IBM  Shows How Non-Innovative It Has Become: Threatens To Sue #Twitter  On Eve Of IPO Over Bogus Patents -  exactly

New Zealand approves email and phone snooping law -  nobody asked the public, of course (v @Asher_Wolf)#nz

#NSA  row should not hit trade talks, Kerry tells Europe -  otherwise US will hit Europe... #TAFTA / #TTIP

Extended badger cull in Somerset still fails to reach government target -  what a farce - aka: "pulling a paterson"...

#TAFTA / #TTIP : Job Claims Are Pure Baloney -  just as they were with #NAFTA  and #KORUS

"The aforementioned defendants were also convicted up to 3,000 years of prison" -  what??? (v @jilliancyork @ZoeAlif)

Is #Snowden  Inspiring A New Wave Of #Whistleblowers ? -  would be hugely significant if so #courageiscontagious

#Canada , the failed petrostate? -  important piece explosing #FUD  around #tarsands  (v @MarkJaccard @Tzeporah)

"blogs are not journalism: they are marketing tools specifically designed to try to sell a product" -  (v @normative)

Rewheel's input to public consultation on EU telecoms -  haven't read all this - it's long - but looks v interesting

Lobbying bill paused for six weeks to allow government rethink -  well, that's a relief; the battle goes on, though...

Former DHS/NSA Official Attacks Bruce Schneier With Bizarre, Factually Incorrect, Non-sensical Rant -  good background

"investment agreements enable companies to sue the government over perfectly sensible and just regulatory changes " -

US Court Rules Again That Natural Phenomena Cannot Be Patented, Casting Further Doubt On #GenePatents  -  yay

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