Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130128 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Talking to Reporters Is Not A Crime: new leak investigation threatens press freedom in US - more bad stuff

Father of 6-Year-Old Newtown Victim Heckled by Pro-Gun Activists - 'cos guns are more important than children

Who’s Afraid of Kim Dotcom? - great post by @robertamsterdam, part of @KimDotcom's legal team (v @partido_pirata)

Carlos Miller Arrested (Again) For Perfectly Legal Photography - pure bullying

US Department of State Unveils Open Book Project - " free, high-quality educational materials in #Arabic"; nice #cc

#India hopes for progress on EU free-trade deal - does that mean it will give up on generics?

Open data economy: Eight business models for# opendata and insight from Deloitte UK - useful

Government Ban On #Bitcoin Would Fail Miserably - analysis; let's hope

Sweden follows Norway with #opensource "Fix My Street" -'s good to share

When Pirate Comradeship Beats Old Grudges - original viewpoint #argentina

Accidental Click Ignites Insane 3,000-Ship Battle in ‘EVE Online’ - hilarious

Colombian Constitutional Court Support Civil Society Concerns: Ley Lleras 2.0 Is Not Constitutional - procedural #co

Antigua’s Legal “Pirate Site” Authorized by the World Trade Organization - one step closer; but will it ever happen?

Uh-Oh: Acer Selling More Google Chromebooks Than Windows 8 Laptops? - how many straws in the wind do we need?

#Africa’s Mobile Tech Boom - interesting & important trend (v @africatechie)

33 % des utilisateurs de Twitter diront "mot-dièse" pour les hashtags - perhaps we should all switch #motdièse

It's an exciting day for me - #apache's Ross Gardler joins#Microsoft. a pity, but a small coup for MS (v @webmink)

48 hours to ban bee killers - maybe this would be advisable... #epetition

U.S. warns Antigua against "government-authorized piracy" - actually, it's WTO-authorised, so tough (v @howardknopf)

The Battle for the Soul of EU #Privacy - warning: may contain snide remarks & anger #dataprotection

Criminal record checks system breaches human rights, court rules - great ruling, humiliating slapdown (v @privacyint)

#IPRED : la fausse consultation de la Commission européenne - great analysis: we need evidence not more consultations

BioMed Central Open Data Awards - hurry, deadline soon; real dosh to be won #opendata

#Oracle partners drool over juicy £750m ERP framework - profligacy; so much for uk gov promises (v @kgerloff)

15,000 Raspberry Pis for UK schools – thanks Google! - for the copyright industries to squawk...

Robin Hood, reseteado - this is despicable: shame on @elpais_cultura for printing it (v @sinkdeep)

Les jeunes leaders Ouest Africains s’unissent pour lutter contre la corruption - great - the future depends on them

Redditor Points Out The Flaws In SimCity's Online-Only DRM, Gets Banned By EA For His Troubles - sharp & funny piece

re:publica 13 - call for papers - time is running out... #berlin

RIP #CleanIT - "group has produced a document which cost 44 Euro per word"; colossal waste of money  (v @netzpolitik)

Putting Users in Control of Plugins - "Firefox will only load plugins when a user takes action of clicking" #mozilla

#CitizenScience Open Technical Workshop – tomorrow - using Google Hangout

DigiGes-Kampagne zur Datenschutzreform: Brüssel entscheidet über deine Daten, misch dich ein! - we need this in all #EU

#Texas Public Schools: Still Teaching #Creationism - a betrayal of knowledge & educational process (v @sivavaid)

The Strange State Politics Of Arabic #OER - "far more like the Voice of America  than it is like Free Software"; yup

Marois warns she may scuttle Canada-EU trade deal if Quebec not satisfied - "pharmaceutical patents" sticking point

Why Do Americans Hate #Android And Love #Apple? - good analysis, I think: #US is now the smartphone anomaly

BASF halts EU approval process for GM potatoes - money talks; absence of money shouts

Philips Exits Consumer Electronics - end of an era

Bad Week For Carmen Ortiz: Admits To Botched Gang Arrest As Congress Kicks Off Swartz Investigation - whoops

Louisiana Will Eliminate Health Benefits For HIV Patients, Poor Children, And First Time Moms - (v +Christine Paluch)

#Israel Stays Away from U.N. #HumanRights Review -"1st country to withhold cooperation" (v @US_Campaign @Asher_Wolf)

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