Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130121 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Australian Pirate Party Gets Approved and Russians are Denied (Again) - more absurd stuff in #russia

The collision of #copyright and e-science - a real, growing problem #opendata

iPad Hack Statement Of Responsibility - obvious similarities with aaron swartz #bullying

Rat der Europäischen Union rät den Mitgliedstaaten, bei Finanzermittlungen den heimischen Datenschutz zu unterlaufen -

Polynesians reached South America, picked up sweet potatoes, went home - amazing, if confirmed

UK Government To Use #PayPal For Identity Assurance - a clever move

Sim City beta EULA includes company-wide ban for unreported bugs - these people are so clueless

Canada, EU in final push for trade deal; latest investment chapter shows blatant pro-investor bias - #ca crazy to agree

FSFE: 'France's reading of copyright is limiting innovation' - signals from #france on #opensource

How Much Mobile Content Can You See? - less than you think, less than you should #censorship 

Announcing the #Firefox OS Developer Preview Phone! - #linux

Erbgut-Vergleich: Frühe Chinesen verwandt mit amerikanischen Ureinwohnern - well, obvs: didn't we already know that?

NEC Medias W: #Android Smartphone With Two 4.3-Inch Screens - intriguing

US Data Privacy Campaigners Support Brussels Against US Interference - good to see #dataprotection

Carmen Ortiz Refuses To Reflect; Insists Her Office Will Do Everything The Same As Before - lovely lady

Alert: Our #Privacy About to be Destroyed in Brussels? - Facebook x Google, then square it.

Meet 31 year old Ashish Thakkar – Africa’s Youngest Billionaire - "Dubai as a hub for #Africa." (v @africatechie)

FBI Letter To Martin Luther King Telling Him To Commit Suicide - still think Net surveillance good idea? (v @normative)

University of Strathclyde’s Centre for White Space Communications officially opened - great idea #spectrumcommons

Swartz's Death Places Spotlight on More #OpenAccess To Information - the canadian context #oa

CDU-Politiker Michael Fuchs geht juristisch gegen uns vor -'m guessing this will turn out to be unwise #transparency

Free Comes with a Price Tag - Aaron Swartz: "His was not an innocent act." & so it begins (v @sinkdeep)

TCO Studie zur Linux Migration in München - I could debunk this, but won't, because #microsoft is done (v @jwildeboer)

Six Strikes Administrator: Loss Of Open WiFi Access At Cafes Is Acceptable Collateral Damage - incredible admission

Old EMI Email Shows They Knew That Giving Away Songs For Free Leads To More Sales - again: sharing drives sales

French court tries to stop people right-clicking on its Web site [fr] - hilarious; public documents, too...

Mackerel overfishing: greed is the problem - some people are clearly more stupid than the fish

#WikiLeaks Reveals Aaron Swartz May Have Been A Source: Wise Move? - I have my doubts 

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