Saturday, 19 January 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130117 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

One year ago we defeated #SOPA - January 18th is#InternetFreedomDay

#Australia's Spies Want To Put Members Of The Public At Risk By Using Them To Pass On Malware to Suspected Terrorists -

Patent Troll with Patent on Podcasting Threatens to Shut Down—or Shake Down—Podcasters - podcasting is obvious

[RT] Of #netbooks#tablets and #Linux's revenge - is mine, saith the penguin

#Hadopi : les éditeurs vidéo veulent sanctionner l'usage du streaming pirate - clueless

The #OA Interviews: Ashry Aly of Ashdin Publishing -

    7,7 % de droits perçus par les producteurs de musique en 2012 - oh look: also not being killed by piracy #fr

EU-India free trade deal in final lap, diplomat says - do we have any leaks of this? do we know any details? #fta

Michelle Bachmann stiffs her campaign staff, they retaliate by ratting to the feds - this is rather wonderful

#CleanIT: GutachterInnen der EU-Kommission beklagten unangemessene Kosten und fehlende Methoden - what a joke

Brendan Eich takes control of Mozilla engineering - good news

Health and transparency NGOs demand Commission implements UN #tobaccolobbying rules - only reasonable

Year of the whistleblower? - that would be good

Leistungsschutzrecht im Bundestag: “Der Gesetzesentwurf wird von deutschen Urheberrechtlern zu Recht abgelehnt” -

swedish music sales also up, by 14 percent [pdf] - largely because of streaming (v @ffkp)#se

Dan Bull song tribute to Aaron Swartz - short and sweet; the perfect anthem for #InternetFreedomDay 

BIS Committee announces inquiry into UK Government's #OpenAccess policy - another? what is this, a conspiracy?

Announcing the Aaron Swartz Memorial Grants - nice idea

O'Reilly Media is making Open Government free to all to access in honor of Aaron. - http:// #PDFtribute (v @digiphile)

One Year Later, #SOPA/PIPA Supporters Still Completely Ignore The Public - "voluntary" solutions huge problem here

Kim #Dotcom: the internet cult hero spoiling for a fight with US authorities - decent enough interview; NB #SOPA ref

Martin Luther King's 'I Have A Dream' Video Taken Down On Internet Freedom Day - well, course #copyright

Ahimsa: Sita Sings the Blues now CC-0 “Public Domain” - move #pd

The Copyfight's Next Stage: We All Speak Up Together - must hang together, or else...

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