Friday, 25 January 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130123 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

+Alan Cox  "I'm leaving the Linux world and Intel for a bit" - of an era; good luck... (v @schestowitz)

Court Refuses To Try Self-Confessed Pirate Bay Uploader - "Internet piracy should not fall under criminal law."

New business models in high value manufacturing competition - scope for open innovation #uk

Dish Turns CBS' Actions Against It; Touts Its Revoked 'Best In Show' Status With A Damning Footnote - richly deserved

Afripedia project increasing off-line access to #Wikipedia in #Africa - interesting project

Unlocking Cellphones Becomes Illegal Saturday in the U.S. - absurd

The Open Budget Survey is out - #nice #opendata

Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni to Flee 75% Tax Like Gerard Depardieu - such patriots

Climate policy could be 'collateral damage' of UK exit from EU - better not be

Mega Launch Video Removed From YouTube By Music Rights Outfit - if confirmed, #GEMA as pathetic as ever

How Twitter’s new embeds will make social media’s copyright issues even weirder - (c) not fit for the age of the Net

Open Engineering - interesting details of how mozilla's#firefox OS team works (v @storming)

What is #Indect Project? - "because the main threat is you"; watch it (in all senses) (v @juanjo2912)

Finnish residents please sign and RT this petition for #copyright reform - big opportunity here (v @silpol)#fi

.@techdirt: Our New Sky Is Rising Report! - more facts that show #piracy is not killing any #copyright industry; free

We, the People; We, the Coders - why #obama would be mad not to #opensource his campaign sw

NB: new "Sky is Rising" report is about #EU, & available in German, Spanish, French, Italian & Russian translations -

Are genomes “anonymous data”? - this will become a huge issue for #privacy

Help Us to Cultivate the Digital #Commons! - yes, please do #sharing

Access Info Europe has asked that political parties are included in the future of#Transparency Law - #es

Letter From Forty-Four Digital Rights Groups Demands #Skype Detail Its#Surveillance Practices - just do it

Bundesgerichtshof: Zugang zum Internet von zentraler Bedeutung für das moderne Leben - another court says it

Industries pin hopes on imminent EU-US trade talks - of Trans-Atlantic Partnership (#TAP) still vague

UK Government to be make it easier for officials to block #FOI requests - frightened of sunlight; sheer cowardice

Editorial Insists Hackers Must Be Punished, While Misunderstanding Nearly Every Detail - @globeandmail utterly clueless

Restaurant Customers Refused Service After Making Fun of Child with Down Syndrome - too right

City of Munich refutes rumours spread about costs of using open source - certain companies not looking so clever

Why Did the Justice System Target Aaron Swartz? - double standards #bankers

After Ten Years of Publishing, What’s Next for PLOS? - time flies; fab stuff, more to come #openaccess

Common #pesticides 'can kill frogs within an hour' - must change how we use these

Claire Perry seems to suggest that once a child can pay for their own phone, they can skip filtering? - so, about money

#Antigua Government Set to Launch “Pirate” Website To Punish United States - & #WTO says this will be completely legal

US trade commission won't ban Samsung products anytime soon - "For #Apple that means one thing: delay, delay, delay"

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