Friday, 4 January 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130102 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

How Neutral Can Kazakh-Language Wikipedians Be? - #kazakhstan #wikipedia

Online gift shop blocked by mobile networks - more idiotic censorship (v @schestowitz)

Government changes would kill FOI in Britain - pathetic attempt to neuter #FOI in #UK

Einstein@Home Set To Break Petaflops Barrier - it's good - and powerful - to share

Kickstarter project puts an #Android game console in a two-inch stick - increasingly hot area

The 10 biggest #GM PR disasters of 2012 - the campaigns for proper testing and labelling grows around the world

Delayed action raises costs of #climatechange - making our children pay extra for our stupidity & irresponsibility

Neue FBI-Daten: Amerikaner kaufen noch mehr Waffen - more deaths means more #guns means more deaths...

U.S. Lied to Get Search Warrants, #Megaupload Claims - wouldn't surprise me in the least (v @Asher_Wolf)

#Zambia: Minister Threatens Editors of Online Watchdog with Treason Charge - with possible death penalty (v @asteris)

Seven obvious questions about GMOs by Colin Tudge - issues raised in sober, unsensational manner

French telcos degrade Youtube to extort cash from Google - why we must have #netneutrality enshrined in law

MT @Glinner A horror story from Ireland (via @gazhay)>> never heard of this before; appalling

Creating a "Politics of #Abundance" to Match Technology Innovation - sounds good to me

Long-beaked echidna may still survive in Australia - exciting#evolution

Samsung Plans Multiple Tizen Smartphones for 2013 - linux vs linux competition

It’s An Android World After All: Polaroid Launches $150 Kids Tablet, Expanding New Lease On Life As Digital Media Co -

Why #Shell Should Just Quit Its Alaska Drilling #Fiasco - "cost of a deepwater blowout is upwards of $60 billion"

The National Rhetoric Association - brilliant #nra#freespeech

Free confirme le filtrage par défaut des publicités Web depuis la Freebox Révolution - yikes (v @cybeardjm)

As Expected, FTC Announces Close Of Google Investigation With No Antitrust Charges, But Minor Tweaks To Biz Practices -

Lamo: why I cannot regret turning in the WikiLeaks suspect -, pretentious & callous: a disgusting person

USTR Requests Comments for 2013 Special 301 Report, Announces Hearing on February 20 - they asked for them...

It's Time For A New, Copyright-Free Happy Birthday Song, So Help Write One - & then we boycott the old one...

PCC David Lloyd: 'Make suspects pay for police cell stay' - "Bra-zil....." (v @bengoldacre)

ISPs Shouldn't Block Content. Yes, That Includes Ads. - in case you missed french language info earlier #netneutrality

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