Thursday, 3 January 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130101 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#SaudiArabia Stakes a Claim on the Nile - staggering stupidity & selifishness (v @Asher_Wolf @matthewteller)#waterwars

Say yes to piracy, say no to spoilers: Subcomandante Marcos is a pirate (too) - interesting stuff from #mexico

The Post-Productive Economy - fine piece meditating on the real meaning of growth

#Chromebook Takes Top Place In Laptop Sales On Amazon - #google's breakthrough product?

The GOP House Is Dysfunctional By Design - point

Vehicle rental giant #Avis acquires car sharing co. #Zipcar for $500 million - big vote for #collaborativeconsumption

After ACTA: Trans-Atlantic Partnership agreement - you thought #ACTA was hard to stop? wait for #TAP #copyright #gm

So, What Didn't Enter The Public Domain This Week, That Should Have - we wuz robbed #copyright #pd

Music by numbers: Digital drives a successful 2012 for singles in the UK, but album sales fall overall - well, doh...

RT @steiny New Year, New Job? mySociety is hiring for new technical and non-technical roles >>pity they still use excel

Piraten: Berliner Fraktionschef findet Bundesspitze mittelmäßig - oh, do grip up, people #de

The #GM lobby and its seven sins against science - point: this is not about being anti-science

1st international conference on Internet Science: 9-11 April, Brussels - "under the aegis of the European Commission"

BBC-Backed Pirate Bay Documentary Ready for Premiere -"will be shared online for free." bravi

2012: What a year for #Linux - worth remembering some highlights

"To turn around prospects of global warming it will take equivalent collective effort of an Olympics every year" - easy

#Shell oil rig runs aground in Arctic - but no possible risk for the arctic environment when it drills, of course

Patent trolls want $1,000—for using scanners with a network - this kind of obscenity will finally drive patent reform

#Apache Software Foundation Announces Cassandra v1.2 - "High-performance, super-robust Big Data distributed database"

#China develops its own supercomputer - runs "open source", presumably #linux: anyone know? (v @Asher_Wolf)

France's censorship demands to Twitter are more dangerous than "hate speech" - great post, stupid idea (v @Asher_Wolf)

Embedded In Fiscal Cliff Deal: Hollywood Gets A Big Tax Break - strange how ordinary people must suffer, not hollywood

It’s official: Ubuntu now fits phones - undeniably exciting, but can #canonical deliver? #android

The Wall Street Journal’s Misleading Celebration of NSA Spying - even for a #murdoch title, this is disgusting

Announcing #Ubuntu For Phones - pix plus #dev details

#Africa's Coming Cyber-Crime Epidemic - racist much? perhaps they'll turn to free software, instead?

#StonedFox Meme Rules Russian Internet - spectacular#ru

YouTube sucks on French ISP Free, and French regulators want to know why - oh look, no net neutrality

Campaign To Remove Paper From Offices - the trees will thank you

The First Viral Facebook Photo of 2013 Shows Baby Grabbing Doctor’s Finger From Inside Mother’s Womb - er, striking

Patent Troll Shell Cos Shake Down Small Businesses For $1k Per Employee For Using Network Scanner - detailed analysis

#Microsoft Is Fast Turning Into A Sideshow - is that a flock of vultures I see circling overhead...?

Here’s the secret success sauce in Ubuntu’s phone platform - yup, this is what interests me...

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