Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130106 - http://bit.ly/VFrZ6v yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Korea-China free trade deal - http://bit.ly/117EBqQ this will be interesting to watch #fta

The Journal News Gun Map: Open vs. Personal Data - http://bit.ly/RBMbWrcrucially important distinction #opendata #privacy

Nvidia Unveils Project Shield, a Powerful #Android Game Controller -http://on.mash.to/UA4MES interesting move

Danish Court Orders Spanish Site Blocked Because It Uses Trademarked English Word 'Home' As Part Of Its Name - http://bit.ly/RBMXTx

New website answers Seralini's critics - http://bit.ly/Xef3DC intriguing response#gm #science

'Chinese Pirate Bay' taken down after appearance on US blacklist -http://bit.ly/13b1XLs first russia, now china?

Pain of the New - http://bit.ly/VK4ozc excellent meditation on the 48 frames per second Hobbit film and what it tells us

The Incredible Shrinking Public Domain - http://bit.ly/VFMG2i a reminder of the real #copyright theft #pd

Chinese journalists strike after propaganda department rewrites New Year editorial - http://tnw.co/13dBlZs whoa, impressive #china

How a Gift Economy Powers Education in Rural #Nepal - http://bit.ly/TX2a06fascinating stuff

Emma Watson Stopped by US Immigration - http://bit.ly/VKcEPu seems terrorists are growing more cunning in their disguises (v @Asher_Wolf)

Leuchtfeuer der Freiheit: Was wird das Vermächtnis für die digitale Freiheit sein? - http://bit.ly/118gWGw good summary of #anonymous's acts

How Your #Android Phone Could Help Scientists Predict the Weather -http://bit.ly/Wos22E distributed data gathering will be huge in future

Irish Newspapers & Links: A welcome evolution of position -http://bit.ly/ZgJgRX the power of justified mockery #copyright (v @jayrosen_nyu)

PaperTab Is a Tablet as Thin and Flexible as Paper -http://on.mash.to/WokQ6P looks cool

#Nominet - Consultation on a new .uk domain name service -http://bit.ly/VxMjo6 this looks really unhelpful move

RT @dml both @AlecMuffett and I have similar concerns with the consultation. >> now I'm even more worried about the #nominet move

#Nominet: a website, by any other name, would be more secure? -http://bit.ly/13dT573 er, probably not

Why I believe that we will have to break up #Nominet, the UK domain’s registry - http://bit.ly/URryp6 strong words

Acer Targets Families, Newbies With Sub-$150 Iconia B1 Tablet -http://dthin.gs/13dUz0V prices continue to fall #android

Climate change looms large as #Australia swelters - http://bit.ly/ZxM3ei"Temperatures reached almost 48 °C on Monday": Yikes

UK implementation of Directive 2011/77: have your say! - http://bit.ly/XeN7zwcopyright extension despite all the evidence

"a ring of dead satellites and spaceships will remain in orbit, essentially, forever.” - http://bit.ly/1091gDI wow, amazing thought #deep

$100 Million Pledged To Indie Film On Kickstarter... And 8,000 Films Made -http://bit.ly/UDfkzj really important results

Digital rights cyberlaw clinics in UK - http://bit.ly/1099ATZ this is a really great idea; I hope something might come of it...

Techdirt Interview With Derek Khanna, Author Of RSC 'Fix #Copyright' Policy Briefing - http://bit.ly/WoFfsA excellent - highly recommended

Opera About Walt Disney Refused Permission To Use Disney Images -http://bit.ly/VLelMO well, course #copyright

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