Thursday, 10 January 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130108 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Pirated Buildings In #China And The Rise Of Architectural Mashups - what fun

Moonwalk - impressive in all sorts of ways (v @stshank)#photography #funambulism

#Google celebrates the #London Underground with a Doodle - nice #tube

Google Withdraws Patent Claims Against Microsoft -'s good; now everyone else do the same please

Bradley Manning's Defense: Releasing Over-Classified Information To The Public Would Be Good For The US, Not Bad - true

#AllTrials campaign launch - hugely important: lives are being lost here. please sign e-petition -

#Firefox OS Reportedly Nearing Completion and Coming to CES - exciting #mozilla

Censoring Pirate Sites Doesn’t Work, Researchers Find - no surprise, but important evidence current approach is flawed

Eric Whitacre: Ask Me Anything, This Friday, January 11th - be fun #reddit

#OpenStreetMap: where should the next recruitment drive be? - this is interesting in wake of

Mind the werewolf: the #London underground in film - nice little wander down the Tube

Despite Financial Destruction, Greece Not Favoring #OpenSource Software - truly perverse

The Prum Treaty: a disaster waiting to Happen - giving access to UK's bloated #DNA db in this way would be outrageous

EU Data Protection and Open Standards - important #EUinitiative on #dp has implications for #openstandards

RT @Seasaver Photo: Worth seeing again. The stunning southern right whale dolphin. >> (v @Eaterofsun) lovely

Church Site Blocked By Mobile Networks, Classified Under 'Alcohol' - well, obviously

India to build 292 dams in Himalayas by 2050; reduce water in Indus by 8pc - will not end well (v @auxbuss)

The #TPP Would Be A Bitter Pill - great letter from#oxfam, dispelling the FUD on drugs and generics (v @PostActa)

Yes, You've Got Something To Hide - great cartoon explanation #privacy #surveillance

Has global warming ground to a halt? - why climate denialists are wrong to crow

Professor John Vandermeer challenges environmentalist Mark Lynas on#GMOs - a wonderfully calm & persuasive reply

Web Blocking's Slippery Slope: It's Never 'Just' One Site - worth remembering #censorship

Police raid home moments after elderly woman dies, to snatch her meds - where the "war on drugs" takes you

Samsung scoffs at quad-core, dials it up to 8 cores - is that a supercomputer in your pocket, or...

Help make #GNOME safer than ever! - "GNOME is working on a new campaign focused on privacy": dosh needed (v @EFF)

Study Shows Educational And Social Harm '#ThreeStrikes' Punishment Would Cause Young People - time to bin it forever

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