Thursday, 17 January 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130114 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Cheap smartphones global market grows - usual #bbccluelessness: no mention of #android in entire piece

“Six strikes” program could affect businesses too, even if infringer is unknown - wonder how this will go down

Genomes Show Indians Influx to #Australia 4,000 Years Ago - fascinating 

Final Version of Kolab 3.0 Released - good news#opensource

something is wrong here - no comment needed (v @ncruz77 @FatGiant)

why did The Atlantic carry this propaganda, and who are the sad idiots that join this cult? -

Florida's Governor Adopted a Dog for the Campaign, Promptly Returned It From Whence it Came - ah, politicians...

The Death of Aaron Swartz and the New Hacker Crackdown - good analysis, putting things in wider context

UK Politician Urges More Use Of Ticagrelor To Preserve AstraZeneca Jobs In UK - what ridiculous logic

More than 100 of #Quora’s all-time best answers are now available as a free, 400-page PDF book - nice idea

[RT] Fighting for #OpenAccess - urgent: please respond to this unexpected & suspiciously brief consultation on #oa #uk

#Alibaba CEO Jack Ma To Step Down As CEO On May 10th, Stay On As Chairman Of #China’s Ecommerce Giant - big news

World set for many more record-breaking heat waves - "The science is clear" #climatechange

Aaron Swartz's "Crime" and the Business of Breaking the Law - more thoughts on the larger issues

Why I’m thinking of ditching my precious #iPhone for an #Android - 1 of increasing no. of high-profile "conversions"

“Her rapist could theoretically sue to stop the abortion from happening, and probably win.” - (v @wendycockcroft)

VDA urges heads of state to fast-track EU-US FTA - & so it begins #tpa

Media barons threaten to spike's audacious copyright grab - interesting move, misguided commentary

Chimpanzees have sense of fair play - they probably like cricket, too...

#OpenAccess Policy for Images of Works of Art Presumed in the Public Domain - (v @marygkosta @Copycense) looks good

Hollywood Accounting Strikes Again: Investors In 29 Paramount Films That Earned $7 Billion Dollars Get No Return -

Top Climate Scientists Urge Obama To Reject Keystone XL Pipeline, Warn Approval Would ‘Undermine Legacy’ - big test

The ground beneath philanthropy - is shifting...

Net Neutrality in France: Is Minister Fleur Pellerin of Any Use? - hey, that's a rhetorical question, non?

Q&A. Is #OpenSource Sustainable? - oh, look, another rhetorical question...

Industry Comments Regarding the Inclusion (or Not) of IPRs in U.S.-EU Free Trade Agreement - crucial issue #tap

Regarding an advertisement from the Church of Scientology on - this is how you do it (v @umairh)

ready to take a wikivoyage? -

launch of global network of interdisciplinary centers focused on Internet and society - nice (v @carlopiana @demartin)

Amazon one-click patent still lingering in Europe after 15 years - so #EPO doesn't grant #swpats eh? absurd

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