Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130120 - http://bit.ly/V1bej7 yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Here’s a List of People Injured or Killed by Guns on ‘Gun Appreciation Day’ -http://gaw.kr/VJrDLN bet they didn't appreciate the bullets...

The Bukharian Jews: The Story of a Mizrahi Community - http://bit.ly/YijIJ5facinating tale

#Mandopop Idol Wang Leehom’s DRM-Free Experiment Seeks To Foster Innovation In The Asian Music Industry - http://tcrn.ch/XQqVfq 

EU-Ministerrat: Targeted Advertising wichtiger als Datenschutz -http://bit.ly/UdYKY4 shameful

The 16th Century Religious Wars And Today’s #Copyright Monopoly Wars Have More In Common Than You Think - http://bit.ly/WQQD0D

shameful abuse of "national security" regarding trade unionists' prosecution -http://bit.ly/VfLRPS (v @Eaterofsun @tom_wein)#policestate

Teaching kids they have no privacy? - http://bit.ly/WzmRyJ sad little busybodies...

LG overtakes Apple in the US handset market - http://bit.ly/UecUIF #apple now third

European Commission maintains Dalligate secrecy, withholds info on contacts with Swedish Match - http://bit.ly/VJUGyM hiding something?

Youth expelled from Montreal college after finding ‘sloppy coding’ that compromised security - http://natpo.st/11Lqk3b more bullying of geeks

Wired Science Space Photo of the Day - http://bit.ly/V1u1e6 oooh, serious asteroid

“Carbon dioxide data is not on the world’s dashboard” says Hans Rosling -http://bit.ly/T9Id9v fab, important stuff #opendata #climate

Dotcom’s Mega: Anti-Piracy Group Moves To Cut Off Site’s Finances -http://bit.ly/XsvFWy digital vigilantism: no proof required

Apple Forced Google's Hand On Android - http://bit.ly/Uem3ku good way of looking at it

Will @NeelieKroesEU Defend or Destroy #EU #NetNeutrality? -http://bit.ly/Vg3Q8U the Big Question 

#TPP announcement in U.S. shelved by intraparty opposition, farm lobby -http://bit.ly/WAs5dF pretty significant (v @remixtures)

Apache #OpenOffice: Merging Lotus Symphony: Allegro moderato -http://bit.ly/Xtfus1 useful update

Confirmado: el #TPP extenderá las patentes - http://bit.ly/VLQEpJ insanity: longer patents, clinical data exclusivity (v @PostActa)#mx

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