Friday, 11 January 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130109 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Buffy vs Edward Remix Unfairly Removed by Lionsgate - example of #copyright bullying (v @ThAOSteen)

[RT] Web Blocking's Slippery Slope: It's Never 'Just' One Site - always worth remembering #censorship

"Would it be possible to set the moderation bit for Richard Stallman's posts to GNOME lists?" - hmm (v @sankarshan)

A peek inside #China’s internet giants and their massive scale - useful round-up

High-level group to give green light for EU-US trade deal - is going to be a fight: #TAP

Broadband Delivery UK is paying external consultants an average of £834 a day - scandalous waste of our money #bduk

"Steam Box will be Linux-based and will be open for its users and not a locked-down piece of hardware" - yay

[RT] Study Shows Educational And Social Harm '#ThreeStrikes' Punishment Would Cause Young People - time to bin it

#Nokia seems to be hijacking traffic on some of its phones, grabbing your HTTPS data unencrypted - wut?

EU Data Protection and #OpenStandards - important #EUinitiative from MEP @JanAlbrecht#EudataP #privacy

2 in 3 shoppers demand #GM product labels in embarrassing consumer backlash for UK gov. against "Frankenstein foods" -

Cleaning up public procurement in the Czech Republic - the struggle goes on #transparency #cz

2012 was US's hottest year on record - I gather it's pretty warm in Australia, too... 

#RaspberryPi nears one million milestone - nice #linux

#Amazon looks to beef up #London development hub with 100 new positions, including engineers and designers - good news

Q: anyone know if there's a history of "View Source" in browsers - how it came about, how it came to be standard feature of browsers? thx

RT @Codepope So who wants write fulltime about open source&linux&security& lots more, because I'm looking for people. (

Tapeworm Logic - fun

The Church of Fear - "John Sweeney’s exposure of#Scientology"

Please Tell President Obama to protect blue #whales from dangerous ship strikes - everyone's in favour - except US Navy

European Commission taken to court over India-EU trade pact - "discriminating in favour of corporate lobby groups” #ec

Abolishing patents: Too soon or too late? - "Free Software provides a clear case for abolition" #swpats

How open source is driving the future of cloud computing - "#opensource is the #nanotechnology of#cloudcomputing"

Almost half of the world's #food thrown away, report finds - feed world, just stop this profligacy & inefficiency

Potato logic: News media repeat zombie statistics on food wastage - maybe a dose of scepticism required (v +Alan Pope)

Nokia: Yes we decrypt your HTTPS data, but don’t worry about it - hmm (v @c3iq @joaoluisc)#security

Signs of Life at #Nokia - good job it's only lost $6,300,000,000 since opting for Windows Phone in 2011

White House refuses FIOA request for documents on country positions on transparency of #ACTA negotiations - pathetic

USTR holds NGO briefing on #TPP negotiations - what a total insult of a "meeting" (v @DrRimmer)#transparency

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