Friday, 31 August 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120829 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

States reach $69 million #ebook pricing settlement with publishers - #apple fights on

A whole network of public libraries begins #Wikipedia collaboration in #Catalonia nice move

University study reveals pest now resistant to genetically modified corn - just as everyone predicted... #gm

#opensource software takes precedence for Italian public administrations. By law! - (v @carlopiana)

Publishers' surpluses should further scholarship, say academics - quite (v @petersuber)

#TPP Countdown: USTR Whittles Away at Remaining Trace of Public Participation - 8' each: what an insult (v @PCGTW)

#Android-Crazy China Passes U.S. As Smartphone Leader, But India’s Growing The Fastest - ah, yes, #india too

Tiny Pacific island nations create world's largest marine parks - shaming other larger nations that do little

Gute Piraten, schlechte Piraten - excellent summary of 1st year's highs & lows #pirateparty #de

The truth about Goobuntu: #Google's in-house desktop Ubuntu Linux - "Windows requires high-level permission" to use

The TSA's Infamous 'Behavior Detection' In Action: Mandatory 'Chats' About Every Detail Of Your Trip - expect more

Kommentar zum #Leistungsschutzrecht: Ein unmögliches Gesetz - excellent stuff #lsr

After 15 months in development, Nokia releases the first #Qt 5 beta - but will enough people care?

A “Notice and Takedown” Regime Fit For Europe? - EU consultation on "clean" Net - pl. respond soon

President Zardari: Save my daughter -- 48 hrs left! - situation #epetition

#Patents Considered Evil - best debunking I have read; NB the #economist was against patents initially (v @rupertg)

iPhone, uCopy, iSue - talking of the #economist and#patents... #apple (v @jjn1)

The Federal Bailout That Saved Mitt Romney - if this encapsulates the man and his methods, good luck America...

Crime and punishment, chimpanzee-style - fascinating result 

Want To Know How Weak The GOP's Internet Freedom Platform Is? The MPAA Loves It - say no more...

the changing seasons of Saturn - seems almost too beautiful to be real.... (v @boingboing)

Starting a business with a #RaspberryPi - great idea #linux

Revolving Door: US Copyright Office General Counsel Becomes IFPI Lobbyist - shameless, much?

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