Sunday, 26 August 2012


Jury Rules #Samsung Violated #Apple Patents, Owes $1 Billion - not the best news to come back to...

Apple wins $1.05 billion verdict - the legal situation, what samsung's options are now

Samsung played a game of chicken and lost. Or did it? - good point here on why it's not the end of the world

Jawless fish purges 20 percent of its genome from most cells - neat #genomics #dna

MPs discover the truth about #Monsanto's "model village" -, well

Submission to Joint Committee on the draft Communications Data Bill - best thing #ORG have done; great work

A bit more government non-communication - interesting tidbits from increasingly secretive UK government #snooping

GEMA-Alternative: Cultural Commons Collecting Society C3S veranstaltet Barcamp in Berlin - any alternative is good #cc

White House Follows No 10 To #Github-first #opensource development - another straw in the wind

OwnTube: Piratenfraktion Berlin entwickelt YouTube-Alternative als Open-Source-Projekt - good move

Police mistake reveals plan for Assange's Embassy capture - oh, those marvellous Mr Plods...

These satellites are powered by Google Nexus smartphones - surely #apple invented this in 1853?

Rep. Nadler Proposes The RIAA Bailout Act Of 2012 - stuff

$17,000+ Bounty Offered For Leaks Of #TPP Negotiating Texts - I doubt leakers motivated by money; worth trying, tho'

Edgard #Varèse: Complete Chronological Collection - v little, but nearly everything is a masterpiece

#drones could be used to monitor public from sky - (v @gchampeau @PiratePartyUK)#surveillance

MPAA [Wrongly] Downplays Hollywood’s Role In Keeping Piracy Alive - fools or knaves?

Excellent critical analysis of ETNO proposal for #WCIT and likely outcome - good point here

Cameras: The New Frontier for #Android? - amongst several thousands others...

Suicide Is Now the Leading Cause of Death Amongst Active-Duty US Soldiers - isn't this a little worrying?

#OpenData – Bangalore - sounds like lots of good things happening in #india

A new highest patent court for Europe? Not as long as the Court of Justice of the #EU is here - interesting analysis 

great piece on failure of #secondlife - destroyed by money, aka #copyright (v @vickeegan)

#CryptoParty - "meetups to share and learn basic cryptographic tools - GPG, Tor, OTR, TrueCrypt etc " (v @Asher_Wolf)

BitTorrent Bonanza: Monitoring File-Sharers Forbidden in Norway - pretty amazing; can't imagine it will last #privacy

11-Year-Old Christian Girl Detained for Blasphemy - yes, that's a sure sign of a mature, modern democracy (v @asteris)

In search of an open Internet - "The key is to make the Internet 2.0 completely distributed and decentralised"

Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120816 - previous batch of tweets as a single Web page

MT @Bill_Gross HD 360 panoramic shot of #Mars from #Curiosity Rover. You can see tracks & lots more: (v @jeffjarvis)

Will Your Books and Music Die With You? - another problem created by #copyright in digital age

Jury in Apple v. Samsung Goofed, Damages Reduced -- Uh Oh. What's Wrong With this Picture? - pj doubts this will stand

pic of the week - #London #weather - how I love English summers 

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