Friday, 10 August 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120809 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Amazon Stops Processing Payments For Crowdfunding Platform For Creative Commons Books - bad #amazon

Sperm Whales, Atlantic Ocean [pic] - what sublime creatures these are (v @mikebarish @klang67)

#OpenScience: making fly tracking open - trailblazing stuff:#openaccess#opendata & #opensource code

Efficiency Tests Delay U.S. “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Scheme - what a waste of effort

Fault Lines : Controlling the web - nice, gentle video intro to world of #sopa #pipa, cyberfud etc for passing around 

Why Has Creative Destruction Sped Up in Recent Times? - question, reasonable answer

Google Translate can now read images of text - useful

Why giving polygraph tests to sex offenders is a terrible idea - good explanation why this is so stupid (v @klang67)

Google’s pain if it loses the book-scanning case? (hint: less than you think) - fascinating analysis

#India's ACTA: Intellectual Property Rights And Secrecy Stall Treaty - we need to keep an eye on this #eu

The Number That Shows Why Apple is Suing Every Android Manufacturer in Sight - 68, in case you were wondering...

Auskunftsrechte kennen und nutzen – So kommt man an Aktenschätze - important stuff

UK Pirate Party warns about the Trans Pacific Partnership - to see more people waking up to #TPP

Apple vs. Samsung Trial Forces Companies to Open Up the Books - fascinating stuff

The Spotify Effect Shows Up: Streaming Music Boosts Warner’s Bottom Line - this is how to turn piracy into money

Largest-Ever 3D Map of the Universe Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO] - will also make you feel very small

Walkera Ladybird nanocopter clone for $49 with RC! - indicator why drones are/will be so worrying...

Can #opensource be democratic? - and if so, how?

Mass of small volcanic rocks found off New Zealand coast - headline: the point is, they were floating rocks

Stratfor emails reveal secret, widespread TrapWire surveillance system - says it's used in UK: need to find out where

Tell KFC to End its Relationship with Rainforest Destruction - #KFC is evil? who knew?

The Low Cost #GSM Network is Here - looks potentially significant (v @9600)#opensource

Creepy Spying System Revealed by Wikileaks, Gets Hit by a Massive Attack - #trapwire key emerging story (v @dangillmor)

Google Caves To Hollywood Pressure: Will Now Punish Sites That Get Lots Of 'Valid' DMCA Notices - slippery road, google

BGH-Urteil: Auskunftsanspruch auch bei nicht-gewerblicher Urheberrechtsverletzung - looks bad #de

Meet Gauss, the Latest Weapon in the Unfolding U.S.-Israeli Cyberwar - very fishy story, this

Iannis #Xenakis: Reverse Chronological Catalogue - not my favourite composer, but YMMV

How Google's stealth support is buoying Samsung in Apple fight - be crazy not to....

3 days left, is 70% funded & already has developers building apps with it - great expectations

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