Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120812 - http://bit.ly/PitEtk yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Downing Street "not willing to confirm or deny use of #TrapWire" -http://bit.ly/PeqV7G well, that's a clear "yes", then... #uk

The desert that creates the rainforest - http://bit.ly/MTA4D8 wonderful & amazing, like so much #science

China Contemplative After Tumultuous Olympics - http://on.wsj.com/RHzqHHinteresting (v @ChinaBizWatch)

#Trapwire and data mining: What we know - http://bit.ly/QuHg3i good summary#surveillance (v @dangillmor)

Why We Won #ACTA - http://bit.ly/QXaOLk rather overplays the role of the#pirates, important tho' they were; good insights nonetheless

Google+ Hangouts Studio Mode Lets Musicians Stream Concerts With Pristine Sound Quality - http://tcrn.ch/O2gTkp surprising move

It's Never Enough: Both RIAA & MPAA Aren't Satisfied With Google Punishing 'Pirate' Sites - http://bit.ly/Nc5JuT another munich? #godwin

Piraten motzen Mitmach-Plattform auf - http://bit.ly/QXiSf4 Liquid Feedback goes 2.0 #pirates

#Apple licensed design patents to #Microsoft in "anti-cloning agreement" -http://bit.ly/Ra05Q3 this just gets crazier & crazier

The #OpenSource Technology Behind #Twitter - http://bit.ly/SeLC0e good to be reminded

Google Buys Frommer's Travel Brand From John Wiley -http://onforb.es/PemjwU #google continues its march to publisherdom

Why Copyright & Patent Laws Go Against How We Create -http://bit.ly/RNFSOZ oh yes

#Trapwire surveillance system exposed in document leak - http://bit.ly/PeFYyjnice reference to #echelon for us old timers...

DOJ Says iPhone Is So Secure They Can't Crack It - http://bit.ly/SeO5HN of course, that's what they'd say if they could #cryptonomicon

David Bowie among UK stars who snubbed Olympic closing ceremony -http://bit.ly/RNIlJk Kate Bush too; sad that both refused #london2012

BGH-Beschluss ein ‘Affront gegen die demokratischen Grundlagen des Grundgesetzes’ - http://bit.ly/Peq851 quite

Kim Dotcom promises that disruptive new music service, Megabox, will launch this year - http://tnw.co/SeX8IK what fun

Australian business leaders launch trade agreement campaign -http://bit.ly/PeM41z they conveniently forget what reciprocity means here

Hidden History: America's Secret #Drone War in #Africa - http://bit.ly/NyqKPRmore sunlight required

Seven Reasons Why Google Is Making A Mistake In Filtering Searches Based On DMCA Notices - http://bit.ly/PkjB7a yup, pivotal stupidity

The UK government wants your data - http://bit.ly/Sf4KuO good detailed summary of pernicious #CCDP plans (v @PoliceStateUK)

Can The "#Drone" Industry Compete With The #Privacy Lobby? -http://onforb.es/Sf5xvW unusual perspective

If I Were The MPAA... How I Would Deal With My Car Break-In -http://bit.ly/Nyx2Pf witty, if slightly over the top

Think App.net is just a Twitter clone? Then you’re missing the point -http://bit.ly/NlBtCj it's a platform; but not OSS

AntiLeaks boss: We'll keep pummeling WikiLeaks and Assange -http://bit.ly/NdAHCP so, will the FBI be pursuing them too...? #justice

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