Wednesday, 1 August 2012


#Tarkovsky Films Now Free Online - old news, but worth repeating: some of greatest ever made (v @netzpolitik)

The Knight-#Mozilla Fellowships - still time to apply for next batch (v @avilarenata)

Richard Stallman on News Sources Bias, Misinformation, and Software Patents - more of the usual #rms

#Censorship: OK to fight #copyright infringement but not sex abuse? - weird priorities

Add #Argentina To The List Of Countries Looking To #Censor The Internet (For The Children, Of Course) - regrettable

Photos & Testimony From Dawood Military Hospital Scandal - warning: v graphic images (v @AnnieMachon @jmcest @jlllow)

Tom Daley Twitter 'troll' to be investigated by police - brings out worst in UK criminal system (v @Glinner)

Huge power failure hits north and east #India for second day - this is getting apocalyptic (v @28481k)

Hooper report: Industry should lead on new '#copyright hub' - on #hargreaves; orphan works included #uk

Elements For The Reform Of #Copyright And Related Cultural Policies - lots of great ideas; let the debate begin

Kicking and screaming at WIPO: Dragging the EU and the US to the negotiating table - "the momentum is on our side"

[RT] UK Politicians Don't Seem To Mind That Every Web Page You Load Is#Copyright Infringement Under Current Law -

Thomas Heatherwick: #London’s Greatest Modern Designer? - some of his other work #london2012

European Commission would rather #EU citizens die than override data exclusivity to allow #generics - #monopolies

#ICANN Continues to Prove It Can't - time to give the Net to someone else - not the #ITU, but the #geeks who built it

US Industry IP Campaign Aims To Dispel Misconceptions - comes the FUD about how cuddly monopolies are

How A (Non-Apple) U.S. Patent Might Just Change the World - as in: "mess it up even more" #obvious #trivial#patents

In Re Books - "a conference on law and the future of books to be held at New York Law School"

EU biofuels claim challenged by academic study - “What we need is transparency."

OpenStreetMap: Studie zählt 192.000 aktive Nutzer - stats #osm

UK #copyright: Accessing #Orphan Works - a good sign: the UK government blogging about copyright issues (v @Coadec)

RT @MsLods Ireland's #copyright committee receives 180 submissions: good to see lively interest here

Is The #NBCFail On Olympics Coverage Giving Rise To VPN Pirates? - seems plausible

Google proposes VP8 and Opus for WebRTC standard - or less as expected...

Putin's Prosecutors Threaten Protest Blogger With Decade in Jail - whoops, the mask slips

US Has Ignored New Zealand Court Order To Return Data It Seized From#Megaupload - treats #NZ law with contempt

Use of mobile phone wiretapping software common in #China - "disguised as computer monitoring sw" (v @rmack @raykwong)

Billionaire Branson Sues Eco-Label "I Am Not A Virgin" For Copyright Infringement - </cough> trademark (v @howardknopf)

Meme Overload: The Internet Cheers on Olympians [GIF] - nicely done #london2012

BT backpedals on claims almost every #Android device has malware - you mean it's not totally true...?

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