Saturday, 4 August 2012


The Naked and the #TED - splendid taking-down of trousers by @evgenymorozov(@leashless @ericgarland)

Welcome to Emerging Leader Labs - good to see people exploring new stuff (v @mbauwens)

US Proposal for a Limitations & Exceptions Clause in #TPP - "difficult to provide specific textual commentary"

IaaS Pricing Patterns and Trends - fascinating graphs (v @cdaffara)#cloud

How Did 21-Year-Old Chavis Carter Get Shot In Head While Handcuffed In A Police Car? - no comment (v @wendycockcroft)

Outdated Compulsory Licensing Means Australian Schools Must Pay Millions To Use Free Internet Materials - crazy #au

Filippetti met l’Hadopi au tapis - potentially big: future of#hadopi uncertain; big cuts in funding (v @cybearDJM)#fr

Mitt Romney confirms he would end US wind power subsidies - but keep $40 bn subsidies/tax breaks for oil & gas

Embedding #copyright-infringing video is not a crime, court rules - looks an important ruling

Change to #copyright laws threatens #furniture makers and thousands of jobs - interesting pushback

Indian coal mining a threat to tigers, Greenpeace warns - #coal a little bit more evil #inda

MT @Todd_Roy picture of 2 perfectly round concentric circles your brain will refuse to see impressive (v @monkchips)

Mass #surveillance and classified #patents - fascinating, overlooked area

Amazon deforestation falls again - still happening, but slower; kudos to those working on this #brazil

Video Embedding Site Isn't Contributory Copyright Infringer, Sideloading Could Be Direct Infringement - (v @villoks)

Save the Arctic - Stop #Shell - can we trust it? I thought not...

#TimeOut #london To Go Free - huge vote for the free model, especially after #eveningstandard success

Privilegien für EU-Beamte: Brüssels Bürokraten kassieren in der Krise - absurd double standards

Seven years after Nature, pilot study compares Wikipedia favorably to other encyclopedias in three languages - so there

Q2: 68% Of All Smartphones Shipped Were #Android#China’s The Biggest Market By A Wide Margin - the one that counts

ARRRRR: The European Pirate Summit 2012 returns to Cologne in September - time to sort out policies, then

HuffPo, The Daily and the flawed iPad content model - yup

UK judges quietly declare text chat can be obscene - this will be disastrous for free speech

#Israel losing international support, says British ambassador - significant shift, or just window dressing? #palestine

Double Jeopardy - "rich and powerful can hire body doubles to do their prison time". wait, what? #china

Plenty of Fish in the Sea? - some glimmers of hope for rational exploitation of resources (v @BoraZ) 

Olympics Shuts Down Non-Commercial Online Service That Helped People Get Tickets - #london2012 gold medal for bullying

New Photos of #Mozilla's Mobile OS Have Arrived Online -, simple

Fencing gold medal winner Limardo takes public transport - wearing medal; amazing story from every viewpoint#humanity

Ballmer's biggest blunder ever? The mis-naming of Metro - this proves true, how much longer can he last? #microsoft

Richard Stallman on Corporate Secrecy and US Politics - unusual stuff #rms

Source Sans Pro: #Adobe’s First Open Source Type Family - that's good; more, please...

Europe Already Has Draft Standard For Real-Time Government Snooping On Services Like Facebook And Gmail - huh? #etsi

Disclosure of #copyright-protected information under FOI not a breach of copyright law, says ICO - (v @SaskiaWalzel)

Tell @Sainsburys and @Waitrose: No #Monsanto products in UK Supermarkets! - v bad move, people (v @wendycockcroft)

Jitsi - secure Open Source Video Calls and Chat - looks promising (v @Beautyon_)

The Biggest New #US Spying Program You’ve Probably Never Heard Of - wow, sounds bad (v @trevortimm is real-time social feed without ads - how is this different from #identica? (v @teawithcarl)

Brazil: Congress to vote on “Bill of Rights” for Net users -'s "Marco Civil da Internet"; let's hope (v @asteris)

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