Thursday, 16 August 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120815 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

NZOSS: Software Patent Exclusion vs #TPP - New Zealand has a choice... #swpats (v @zoobab @susan_chalmers)

US government loses disclosure battle - and so it goes on (v @ioerror @dotcom)

Both Republicans And Democrats Considering Supporting Basic Internet Freedom Principles With New Platforms - a start

#TPP Patent Requirements vs. NAFTA and the Domestic Laws of Canada and Mexico - for reference

#microsoft Office to finally fully support ODF, Open XML, and PDF formats - wonder how good the #odf support will be

Removing Barriers for Linux Hardware - interesting approach for selling open-source friendly hw around the world

Xiaomi, China’s Apple challenger, unveils hotly anticipated Mi2 quad-core-powered smartphone - runs #android #china

The Googlisation of #Surveillance - why the UK Draft Communications Bill is so bad & must be dropped #snooping

New @Guardian team member openly incited Israel to murder Alice Walker and others - what??? (v @kaatje36 @ThomasRHart)

Implementing IP Chapter of the FTA between Chile and the USA: Developing Country Perspective - (v @technollama)#TPP

America’s Vassal Acts Decisively and Illegally - utterly shameful if true (v @ioerror)#wikileaks #assange #poodle

RT @Asher_Wolf#Wikileaks insurance file: >>will we see this soon...?

at a stroke, cameron's supine obedience to US over #assange has cancelled any goodwill generated for UK by #london2012

Turkey’s food industry has reversed plans that would have led to a fuller exploration of genetic modification (GM), bowing to pressure from a Greenpeace campaign.

[correct URL] Ecuador right to stand up to US - good piece looking at context (v @birgittaj @johnpolenski)#assange

Want to Get 70 Billion Copies of Your Book In Print? Print It In DNA - very cool #syntheticbiology

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