Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120806 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Berne Exceptions not subject to 3-step test - why US #TPPproposals are awful

#Malaysia says no to #TPP - good to see countries waking up to the dangers here #generics

#Amazon Launches Textbook Rental Service - haven't done before (v @raphaellelaubie @phylogenomics)

The Pending Kodak Patent Auction May Create Weapons Of Business Destruction - good analysis of awful situation

Authors Guild Seeks $2 Billion From Google for Book Scanning - come on, surely that should be trillions...?

Upcoming Conference will Showcase Linux's Growing Success in Vehicles - another important win (v @schestowitz)

Tqanil Tij Tzaqpib'l Te Chemxim - wow: Internet Declaration in Mam, a #Mayan language (v @avilarenata @Asher_Wolf)

US wants to take an axe to New Zealand IP law - #NZ must fight this #TPP

Kim Dotcom Was Assaulted By Police During Raid, Court Hears - appalling if confirmed

#EU-#India Free Trade Agreement - shades of #ACTA; significant post from @davidmartinmep(v @PostActa)

Initial Obligations Code needs rewriting. Again. - good letter from @OpenRightsGroup to @edvaizey#DEAct #libraries

#ODwyer family defiant against the #MPAA - with some justification, one might say...

Alpha of Kolab 3.0 and Roundcube 0.8 released - GPL'd groupware #freesw

OKFestival Updates: Early Bird Ticket Extension, Developer Travel Bursaries &#OpenData Cooking! - in lovely helsinki

Gibson Guitars Calls Out Gov. For 'Regulating Business Through Criminal Law' - good point about "ignorance of the law"

#PussyRiot lawyers to complain to European Court of Human Rights - can't see Vlad worrying much... (v @Asher_Wolf)

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