Saturday, 29 November 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141127 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

#Openaccess megajournals reduce the peer-review burden - great points:@nature simply wrong

Hacktivism 1-2-3: how privacy enhancing technologies change the face of anonymous hacktivism - good analysis

Self-Driving Cars Sink the Case for #TTIP - important analysis: pl. read & share

Wirtschaftsabkommen #CETA: Gabriel widersetzt sich parteibeschluss und dem Willen der Bürgerinnen und Bürger - #TTIP

"overwhelming weight of evidence suggests market-based reforms are bad for healthcare" - #NHS destroyed by dogma

European Parliament fights back hard on #netneutrality - that's highly welcome (v @remixtures)

UK chief scientific adviser's report: #Fracking carries potential risks on a par with those from thalidomide -

The UK's Real Intelligence Failure - the failure to debate what are the limits of proportionate #surveillance #gchq

Intelligence authorities 'fail to understand data', say ISPs - this is really damning (v @MsLods)#gchq

.@tom_watson interview: ‘There is no doubt in my mind that at least one politician abused kids’ - kudos for pursuing

Japanese paper apologizes for writing 'sex slaves' instead of 'comfort women' - an abiding stain on #Japan's history

2014: The Beginning Of The End Of The Carbon-Energy Era - let's hope

#Plebgate judgment - you have to be impressed by the thoroughness of this analysis...

EU and Canada face wave of corporate lawsuits under trade deal - crucially important point #CETA

Commission defends #TTIP's Dispute Settlement mechanism - why defend something you don't need, & which is dangerous?

The Price of Admission to the #TPP Talks Revealed: U.S. Demanded #Canada Pass Anti-Counterfeiting Legislation -

imp: the tiny home computer - Ubuntu-based, $149; on @Indiegogo, 25% funded #opensource

Music publishers finally pull the trigger, sue an ISP over piracy - will be an important case #copyright

UK urged to publish intelligence-sharing guidance - "UK might be complicit in targeted killing by American #drones."

New Jersey governor Chris Christie vetoes controversial pig cage bill - shameful: shows he is callous & cynical

Senior Doctors Support Call for Independent Health Assessment of #TPP - "intent is to undermine #NZ’s health system"

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