Thursday, 6 November 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141105 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Now In Charge Of Congress, GOP Plans To Give Up Its Own Constitutional Powers To The Obama Administration - #TPP

Virunga film-makers ask viewers to join campaign against oil company Soco - #Virunga is a jewel, & must be preserved

Luxembourg tax files: how tiny state rubber-stamped tax avoidance on an industrial scale - the EU must act

USDA insider reveals how poultry inspection is pathetic and extremely dangerous - #TTIP would bring this food to EU

Chinese demand for ivory is devastating Tanzania's #elephant population - a world without wild elephants? act, #china

Chinese President’s Delegation Tied 2 Illegal Ivory Purchases During Africa Visit - so proud, Mr Xi? (v @TeaWithCarl)

National pollinator strategy: for bees and other pollinators in England - I'd be interested to know what experts say

Microsoft Changes Tack, Making Office Suite Free on Mobile - #windows is next...

French Socialists push for recognition of Palestinian state - another one: the dominoes are starting to fall

Planet formation around HL Tau, 450 light years from Earth - if we can see them, somewhere, someone can see us

Popcorn Time Now “Impossible” to Shut Down - try to kill it, it grows stronger...

Internetkriminalit√§t: BKA-Chef Ziercke kritisiert Datenschutz - more attacks on privacy

Albanian Resources Online - handy; must add #albanian to the list...

US: WIPO Plan 4 Higher GI Protection Sets “Deeply Troubling Precedent” - but I thought US loved more protection...?

Is new EU digi chief @GOettingerEU starting a war with his boss @Ansip_EU? whoa, what a way to start your new job

The courts should decide how much privacy we're entitled to - not #GCHQ - excellent post, key point (v @trevolafoam)

China, ASEAN to accelerate upgraded FTA negotiations - important move for #TPP

More Than 700,000 Tell Congress: Fast Track Is the Wrong Path - but will they listen...? #TPP #TTIP

Beijing, Washington locked in FTA race - interesting analysis #TPP

WATCH It's Our Future: why the #TPP should matter to you -

Energy storage enjoys a breakthrough day - big numbers

Big Meat flexes its muscles - reality of #TPP & #TTIP: more massive factory farms, antibiotic abuse, animal suffering

Missing: 3 million News International emails - gosh, how unfortunate, no?

Obama Heads to Asia Amid Growing Opposition to Fast Track for the #TPP -

#ISDS A Reality Check - Working Paper - marshals arguments in favour - worth reading, but easy to demolish

Call for papers: TDM Special Issue on #CETA - good to see

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