Thursday, 27 November 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141125 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Civil society coalition urges the Council of the EU to adopt real #NetNeutrality rules -

US expresses 'concern' over EU proposal to break up Google - just can't think why...

The Mydex Story, Part 1 - interesting company tackling important problem #VRM

UK Ministers considering cuts to farm checks for avian flu and other diseases - "cutting red tape" dogma will kill

Families facing eviction from New Era estate as firm plans offshore ownership for flats to avoid corporation tax -

the #UK's new "keep calm & carry on" is  "run, hide and tell"  - how pathetic & craven they want us to become

#Monsanto entscheidet? Nein Danke!  - 102,000 already signed... #EU

#LU supports TTIP but “not at all cost” - "even national governments given only limited access to discussions"

Rigby report blaming Facebook strains Silicon Valley-UK ties - understandably: "definition of surveillance state”

Lee Rigby report expected Facebook to break US law - good analysis of monumentally stupid thinking #ISC

Online protest delays EU plan to resolve U.S. trade row - biased report on #ISDS in #TTIP, but contains info nuggets

Ex-counter-terror chief: criticism of Facebook over Rigby murder is unfair - good for him #MI5

Help Defend EU #NetNeutrality (Yes, Again) - urgent: please act today

UK recording industry seeks review of law allowing fans to copy music - miserable greed knows no bounds (v @MLBrook)

"These are the top salaries at the Save the Children fund. CEO Justin Forsyth £139,950" - appalling figures

staggering attack by UK Business Select Committee on @38_degrees - public's views on #TTIP don't count, it's secret

Pay NHS staff fairly! #NHSpay - sounds fair to me... #NHS

#TTIP: Evidence to MPs - v interesting results of big poll among @38_degrees supporters

New trade agreements will #TTIP us into powerlessness - "reservations don’t seem worth the paper they’re printed on"

Turkish opposition condemns gagging order on #corruption investigation - definitely nothing to hide here #tr

Il Governo italiano continua a (s)mentire sul #TTIP - buone risposte

#Iran confirms death sentence for blogger who insulted Prophet on Facebook - appalling

The FBI's Desired #Encryption Back Doors Could Harm Intelligence Gathering, Military Operations - it's inevitable

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