Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141124 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

"under Stevens's plan for #TTIP, Britain would not be able to even choose which parts of the #NHS to privatise" -

Xi pledges Chinese support for #Palestine at UN meet - support spreading everywhere #china

European Parliament to vote on recognising Palestinian state - who's next?

Corporate Sovereignty's Chilling Effects - here's how #ISDS interferes with democracy #TTIP #TPP

Take a drone tour of #Chernobyl's creepy-beautiful decay - what a spooky place...

ISC says internet firms provided ‘safe haven’ for terrorists but clears MI5 of major failings - oh look: Net to blame

Tell the EU Member States: Don't Turn Your Back on #NetNeutrality - please add your voice to this campaign

Rigby murder doesn’t justify an extension of internet #snooping powers - " it wasn’t emails that killed Lee Rigby"

UK Government Brings In Yet More Counter-Terrorism Measures -- Including Internal #Exile - have we come to this?

The Coming War on #Encryption, #Tor, and #VPNs - time to fight for our right to online privacy

White House Admits That It Still Supports Parts Of #SOPA: Wants To Make Streaming A Felony - bad them

We're already pouring £9bn of NHS money into big business - and #TTIP will make it worse - great analysis #local

Is the EU Giving Up on #NetNeutrality? - "slap in the face of EU citizens & lawmakers who fought for a protection"

.@SavetheChildren staff furious over ‘global legacy’ award for Blair - "UK chief executive special adviser to Blair"

The vaquita is a rare porpoise that lives only in the Gulf of California in Mexico - only 97 left - pl. sign

Report On UK Terrorist Murder: MI5 Absolved, #Facebook Guilty - how convenient for next set of #surveillance laws

.@Tesco director facing questions about #lobbying government over dirty chicken report - profits before people, eh?

Primates and monkeys sold online in EU - totally unacceptable; we could use crowdsourcing to find and to stop this

What “Free Trade” Has Done to Central America - good roundup of corrosive effects of FTAs

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