Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141110 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

"four times as much money was spent on fossil fuel exploration as on renewable energy development" - just insane

Fears US may try to water down Australian farm chemical rules under #TPP - of course, as with #TTIP (v @DrRimmer)

TTIP Update XLII - big: independent study predicts "European disintegration, unemployment & instability" from #TAFTA

Taiwan's g0v: Using Open-Source Code And Communities To Engage Citizens And Make Government More Open - #tw

Online Music Pirates Hit With Lengthy Jail Sentences - absurd: violent criminals get less #UK

"No EU Passenger Name Records system until new data protection rules are adopted", say S&Ds - quite right too

Child abuse claims did not involve prominent politicians, report finds - that's why 114 Home Office files vanished...

Goodwell wants to create an #OpenSource Modern Toothbrush - well, now that software is done...

Please help stop illegal Amazon timber entering Europe - Belgium must act; 80470 signatures - pl. add yours

MPs’ confidential phone calls with prisoners were monitored - if they do this to MPs, imagine what for UK public

France Prefers to Pay (twice) 4 Papers by Its Researchers - & you thought the French were rational (v @Dorialexander)

#NHS england: how are you spending our money? - something to hide, perhaps?

Seeking new Executive Director at Open Knowledge - form an orderly queue, please...

#TPP Trade Talks Must Stop - say unions representing 176 million workers in 161 countries

Can This Man Save AOL? - "shingy" is such a witty parodist, poking fun at the painful gullibility of - oh, wait...

Turkish firm must scrap olive grove coal plant, says government - good news #tr

Jerusalem on the edge as tensions over holy site threaten to boil over - gosh, now why might that be...?

A Spy’s Deceptive Complaints - @nytimes tells Mr Hannigan where to go - in the nicest possible way #gchq

This Google robot's Karate Kid move is perfectly mind-blowing - yikes, you can see where this is going

Australian smokers learn to accept gruesome packets - important: EU please take note

#Alibaba made more than $9 billion on the world's biggest online shopping day - oh, #china, you rascal...

Google's Efforts To Push Down 'Piracy' Sites May Lead More People To Malware - important point

Defending Foreign Corporations' Privileges Is Hard, Especially When Looking At The Facts - #ISDS is a real threat

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