Thursday, 6 November 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141104 - … yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

The British government is leading a gunpowder plot against democracy - great, approachable piece on #TTIP & #ISDS

UK Launches Orphan Work Licensing Scheme, Misses Huge Opportunity To Make It Much Better - free the hostage works

The first photograph of a human being - 1838 - amazing image

Israel accused of war crimes during Gaza conflict by @amnesty - " ‘callous indifference’ in attacks on family homes"

#TTIP and UK healthcare - "Designed to meet the interests of corporations rather than patients" #NHS

Chip-and-PIN cards let nearby fraudsters steal $1M at a time - in the UK; eeek

In Europe, Spotify Royalties Overtake iTunes Earnings By 13% - interesting

UK is magnet for highly educated EU migrants, research shows - incredibly good news: we should celebrate it

yet more cluelessness, yet more demonisation of those scary Internets - (v @_nomap @IanBrownOII)

#TTIP - Benefits & Challenges for the Czech Republic & the EU - *completely* 1-side; so afraid of dissenting voices?

why #TTIP is based on a false premise - that removing non-tariff barriers will bring huge benefits - (v @TTIPBeware)

significant: even the main pro-#TTIP business organisation calls for more #transparency - so publish all tabled dox

non-sequitur: #Snowden is 2 blame because ISIS is adept at using social nws - er, like millions of other young people

Former NSA Lawyer Says Reason Blackberry Failed Was 'Too Much Encryption' Warns Google/Apple Not To Make Mistake -

#ECIPEdebates: #ISDS in #TTIP – Should it stay or go?  - *go*: it's flawed, irremediable, dangerous & unnecessary

Birthplace of America's #fracking boom votes to ban practice - Cameron on the wrong side of history, yet again

Court Says By Agreeing To AOL's Terms Of Service, You've 'Consented' To Search By Law Enforcement - uh-huh

Government #openstandards - the curious case of #Microsoft and the minister - excellent investigation into the murk

Exclusion of turkey in #TTIP may create serious problems: minister - this is an interesting, unexpected angle

Oil prices tumble on Saudi move - makes #tarsands even more of a stupid investment

Germany's Top Publisher Admits Its Web Traffic Plummeted Without Google; Wants Politicians To 'Take Action' -

What US Election Results Mean 4 Trade Policy - "Obama Flexibility on Japan Agriculture Market Access in #TPP Reduced"

Pharma Officials Insist That There Is 'Zero Evidence' That Patents Harm Access To Medicine - then disappear tweet

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