Sunday, 2 November 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141101 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Ocean Energy Turbine - Climate Change Solution - interesting IndieGogo project; long way to go... (v @difatihefope)

RT @01micko Take Action! (the easy way) … … for we lazy Aussies! >>help stop #TPP insanity #AU

"systematic espionage by GCHQ on [Cancun] international climate negotiations" - (v @bengoldacre)#snowden

#NHS spending on agency nurses soars past £5.5bn - staggering incompetence, or intentional sabotage? #privatisation

British-Iranian volleyball woman gets jail time - shame on #iran for absurd sentence (v @BernardKeane @MiriamCosic)

"very little evidence that content piracy is a serious concern in objective economic terms" - key fact #copyright

Regreening program to restore one-sixth of Ethiopia's land - this is a hugely hopeful development #africa

Hackers and Hoaxers: Inside Anonymous - With Gabriella Coleman, Cory Doctorow & James Bridle - #london

Tobacco firms adopt tactics of ‘Dr Evil’ in battle against tougher regulation - greedy, contemptible scum... #health

IPCC: rapid carbon emission cuts vital to stop 'severe' impact of climate change - "solutions available & affordable"

"there were days this summer when Germany generated 75% of its power from the wind & the sun." - solar prices plummet

#Surveillance and its implications - good points, depressing tenor...

"#ISDS models presented in [CETA] & EU-Singapore free trade agreement cannot serve as the gold standard." - #TTIP

MT @ISDSisRigged Still rigged RT @MacaesBruno: Glad I have a number of debates, interviews, lectures on #ISDS coming up>> still unnecessary

#ISDS: "O que estamos a tentar fazer é dar-lhe alguma ordem" misses point: you don't fix what you don't need #TTIP

"O #CETA está concluído e será aprovado em breve no Parlamento europeu." - ORLY??? says, who? (v @contrafactos @jmce)

"No Power for the Parliament" warns EPO examiners association - wake up,@Europarl_EN #UPC

whoops: last tweet from 2010, but still a real danger...

Leaked trade pact proposals may rattle health initiatives already in place - it's a certainty #TPP

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