Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141103 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Participate in Open Business UK - "will map the commercial #opendata ecosystem"

Gates foundation spends bulk of agriculture grants in rich countries - "African NGOs received just 4%"

similarly, #GCHQ does not have an "absolute right" to destroy our privacy - even though it acts that way - #snowden

also, he talks of "democratic values we share"; you clearly don't share my democratic values: privacy, proportionality & freedom #gchq

#TTIP should be freely discussed - saith @newscientist, rightly: "Talks as important as these should be in the open"

EU-SADC EPA (as of Sep 2014) - "supposedly the text that was agreed to and is now being scrubbed."

£383k government grant released to create UK open address list - better open than closed... #opendata

Profiting from injustice - "law firms, arbitrators & financiers are fuelling an investment arbitration boom" #ISDS

Open source councils warned on security - what pathetic 90s #FUD (v @Mark_Antony)

"China will not seek #TPP membership since it has no control over process & outcome of TPP rule-making" - gd analysis

"does the European Parliament, or any EU institution, have competence to investigate the EPO at all?" - *big* problem

#GCHQ: Going from Bad to Worse - staggering attack on Net by new head: wrong in just about every way #snowden #crypto

New #GCHQ Boss Blames Tech Industry For 'Facilitating Murder' And Being Terrorists' 'Command-And-Control' Center -

The quiet earthquake: how Germany's influence in Europe has just doubled -  good analysis #EU

House of Lords: exempt forests from the infrastructure bill - #uk trying to push this through again; pl. stop them

90-year-old man faces jail for giving food to homeless - is this world we live in? (v @dave_bullock @michelreimon)

IPCC synthesis: We’re headed for “pervasive and irreversible impacts” - & that's not good... #climatechange

‘#Albania hospitals should switch to open source’ - makes lots of sense

No 10 backs #GCHQ chief’s criticism of internet firms - well, of course: they probably put him up to it...

Tar-sands industry loses $17.1 billion thanks to public opposition - investing in #tarsands is a mug's game...

#Russia Dismantles Steve Jobs Memorial, Fearing That Tim Cook's Homosexuality Might Be Contagious - </facepalm>

Fossil fuel ads approved by Brisbane airport despite political intent - what blatant & shameful bias #g20

Former NSA lawyer: the cyberwar is between tech firms and the US government - Stewart Baker is barking #crypto

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