Thursday, 13 November 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141112 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Why #Patents Are Dying - good explanation why patents don't work in the age of the Net (v @MikeNelson)

video giving good explanation (in Spanish) of the problems of #TTIP - also has English subtitles #TAFTA

Malmström in Berlin: ISDS in #CETA and #TTIP likely not opposed by German government - Gabriel buckles, as feared

Trade protest signs stolen in night - weird #TTIP story from Jersey

#TPP Trade Talks Must Stop - "criticising the secrecy and corporate bias in the current negotiations."

Ny analyse: #TTIP-aftale vil koste på BNP, eksport og job - important new study shows huge negative effects

#NHS must use fewer temporary staff and sell land to save £10bn, says Hunt - his plan: first: weaken; then: privatise

Save Borneo's Pygmy Elephants From #PalmOil Companies - killing these amazing animals with rat poison; pl. sign

London's Third Wall And #Surveillance Function Creep - "paranoia, electromagnetism, & infrastructure"

Keep Devon's beavers in the wild - lots of benefits all around

PrivacyGrade: Grading The #Privacy Of Smartphone Apps - looks potentially useful (v @AdV007)

#Firefox Leans Towards the Vertical - where does #Mozilla go from here? #privacy #devs

Carmakers tinkering with APIs to connect cars to Google says CA Technologies - what could possibly go wrong? #privacy

Here to stay: Water #remunicipalisation as a global trend - #TISA will make this impossible (v @satokokishimoto)

Hamburg at forefront of drive to reverse privatisation of city services - which #TISA will prevent (v @ClaireProvost)

"bringing water services in England back into public hands could yield savings in the range of £900m a year" - do it

.@Dotcom Loses Lawyers – Then They Erase All History of Him - weirder & weirder... #NZ

"Any ‘significant progress’ made on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is pure bureaucratic BS" - #TPP

A Solar Pocket Factory is a tabletop machine that makes solar panels automatically - nice, assuming it works

Spain Copyright Executive Claims $50k Brothel Bill Was For Work-Related Activities - ah, yes, the copyright industry

Plans 2 scrap EU environmental laws must be stopped - outrageous: will @JunckerEU's commission really be this stupid?

#Android Cipher Indicator - Identify Cell Network Tampering - important project for post-#Snowden world (v @9600)

Stop forced displacements by dirty coal - coal which comes to EU & US: our responsibility, IOW

"The vaults below Threadneedle Street hold about £156bn worth of bullion" - yikes #london

"Porndroid": Trojaner-App erpresst Android-Nutzer mit Kinderpornos - nasty, in every way

House Dems say trade bills have no chance of passing - interesting #TPP #TPA

EU Advances Legal Regime Protecting Trade Secrets - this is a dangerous development...

German Spy Agency Wants To Buy Zero-Day Vulnerabilities In Order To Undermine #SSL Security - just crazy

"Hannigan’s oft-repeated invocation of “democracy” is without content, without integrity. He should be fired" - #gchq

Local Economies on the Table - EU wants to get rid of ‘Buy American’ as part of #TTIP/#TAFTA deal

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