Thursday, 20 November 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141118 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

#Ukip’s Mark Reckless: immigrants may be asked to go if Britain quits EU - what a bunch of mean-spirited bigots

#Israeli police spray putrid water on Palestinian homes, schools - imagine this other way round: still acceptable?

China Takes The Great Firewall Up A Notch By Blocking An Entire Content Delivery Network - bad timing...

#CETA: Trading away democracy - hugely important report on #ISDS dangers: pl. spread widely (v @Bwassertisch)#TTIP

Hotel guests ‘fined’ for leaving bad review on TripAdvisor - Broadway Hotel, please meet the #StreisandEffect

Jolla Is Crowdfunding An iPad Alternative Focused On Multitasking - #linux-based

Leaked documents on #TTIP - short video on what's being withheld from us

EU to water down net neutrality rules - not "watered down", destroyed... this is not #netneutrality

German government upholds #fracking ban - unlike greedy idiots in UK government

Ukip overrules Reckless claim that EU migrants could be asked to leave - uh-huh

Man allegedly #tortured by US and UK troops wins right to sue for damages - well done, UK judge

London's garden bridge: the public park where groups and cyclists aren't welcome - what a disappointment; just bin it

The good news about the 'death' of #NSA reform: surveillance supporters may have dug their own grave - interesting pt

#TTIP Update XLIII - the problem of data flows & privacy, + why #CETA's #ISDS is worse than NAFTA's #TAFTA

New report exposes myth that green regulations inflict major harm on business competitiveness and economic growth -

TTIP: Seid's ihr wo angrennt??? - why is @EU_Commission for #ISDS, but defends Romania from it too? (v @michelreimon)

Georgia Man Shoots Latino 22-Year-Old Dead For Pulling Into Wrong Driveway, Gets $500 Fine and Probation - #guns

#ISDS: "Some are very low quality. That is not the type the US have" - ridiculous "quality" idea: all are dangerous

New research study: #TTIP will have adverse effects on GDP, exports and jobs - translation of Danish article #dk

Consumers’ Association of Penang calls on govt to withdraw from #TPP negotiation - #my

EU court rules UK must clean up air pollution - great news; so act on it, Boris... #london

EU to "publish texts setting out the EU's specific negotiating proposals on #TTIP." - but what does that mean?

Blackpool hotel 'to refund £100 fine for bad TripAdvisor review' - be crazy not to... (v @kevinisageek)

Citizens & human rights in jeopardy with #TTIP - "affirmation of primacy of investors over popular sovereignty"

Beefed up iPhone #crypto will lead to a child dying, DOJ warned Apple execs - pathetic attempt at emotional blackmail

#ISDS: Corporations versus public health – Achmea v. the Slovak Republic - just came across this in-depth

Private firms on course to net £9bn of #NHS contracts - shows tory lies on privatisation; TTIP will make irreversible

New House Intelligence Boss Doesn't See The Need For Any Surveillance Reform - great

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