Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150929 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Society of American Archivists opposes #TPP Provisions - " seriously upset the balance to effective copyright law"

New #TPP Maneuvering on Biotech Drugs: 5+3 Still Makes 8 - don't be fooled by this trick...

Jane Kelsey: #TPP Trade deal a minefield - "our government has offered only platitudes" #NZ

#TPP: Groser heads to 'wrap up' meeting -'wrap-up'-meeting aka "The Big Sell-out" #NZ

Police Taser and Beat Innocent Disabled Vet, Hold Quadriplegic Wife at Gunpoint, Demand She Stand - no comment...

African nations and donors agree on plan to protect Congo forests - great news if it happens; #palmoil the threat

"we can still close [#TTIP] and have a built-in agenda for the rest" - making #TTIP even more undemocratic

Volkswagen now admits 1.2 million UK vehicles affected by emissions scandal - worse and worse #vw

Civil society calls for reform of trialogues in a letter to EU Commission, Parliament and Council - #undemocratic

Estimating the Total Development Value of #Linux Foundation’s Collaborative Projects - $5 billion, if you wondered

#TPP ministers back at table as Canada preps final offer on dairy, autos - lots of good links

Canada, Mexico share concerns about #TPP impact to auto industry - as they should...

Freevolt: Perpetual, free RF energy harvesting to power the Internet of Things - but-but-but isn't that stealing?

Corporate Power Unbound: #ISDS for IP Monopolies on Medicines - Eli Lilly v. Canada & #TPP -

Wide range of cars emit more pollution in realistic driving conditions, tests show - massive environmental fraud

#Canada Wants To Cut Price Of 'World's Most Expensive Drug'; US Manufacturer Sues To Stop It - 80% public science

Microsoft 'Addresses' Windows 10 Privacy Concerns By Simply Not Mentioning Most Of Them - that's cunning

Volkswagen and Cheating Software - wise words from @schneierblog #vw #IoT

New App Gives Activists and Journalists a One-Stop-Shop For Security In Their Pocket - for #android; free

U.S. business groups oppose exceptions in #TPP - well damn them for putting profits before people... #ISDS #tobacco

Emissions scandal: how the drive for diesel ran out of gas - so, now we must force the entire car industry to pay

HTTPS support coming to Blogspot - if you can, please turn this on now... #crypto

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