Friday, 11 September 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150909 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

UK backs bid by fossil fuel firms to kill new EU #fracking controls - disgraceful; exposes UK gov lying again

Over 12 skeletons of an unknown, early Homo species found - fascinating; but will @NatGeo fund this under Murdoch?

#Austria plans 10 new spy agencies with vast #surveillance powers - Austrians: for Mozart's sake, stop this #at

#TTIP mustn’t stifle calls for Israel boycott, say unions - US wants to dictate EU foreign policy through TTIP terms

Mulcair vows to protect Canadian auto-industry jobs in #TPP talks - hard to square that with what Japan wants..

Anish Kapoor sued for leaving racist graffiti on his 'queen's vagina' sculpture at Versailles - uh-huh

2015: The End of #Copyright? Taking for free is stealing - we can but hope; some light reading for the weekend...

MPs react angrily to being 'named and shamed' by Ipsa over outstanding expenses - poor diddums

NHS could lose 80% of senior doctors due to workplace stress - Tories' stealth privatisation is destroying #NHS

Chechen leader demands judges who banned Islamic work be punished - whoa, what's going to happen here?

.@Shell leaves climate project it helped set up amid Arctic drilling row - "becoming a pariah in business world."

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