Sunday, 27 September 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150925 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

In Advance of #TPP Negotiations, Bipartisan Group of 158 Representatives Urge Obama Address Currency Manipulation -

Canada-EU trade deal that allows US firms to sue British govt sparks outrage - #CETA allows #ISDS by backdoor

Student union blocks speech by 'inflammatory' anti-sharia activist - pathetic cowardice

China and US agree on #ivory ban in bid to end illegal trade globally - could be big if it is implemented properly

New push to derail Canada-EU trade deal (#CETA): “#TTIP’s ugly brother” - time is running out - we must act now

Creative Commons awarded $450,000 from the Arcadia Fund to support open access publishing for authors - nice #cc

Hospital moved RAF sergeant over fears his uniform would upset patients - yet more craven behaviour

#GCHQ: Record the website browsing habits of “every visible user on the Internet.” - handy for blackmail, no?

Meet John German: the man who helped expose #Volkswagen's emissions scandal - nice profile of nonprofit's work

Agincourt was a battle like no other … but how do the French remember it? - well-written and entertaining... #1415

UK tried to block tougher EU car-emissions tests - why does the Tories hate the British people so much? #pollution

Kardashians blaze a trail as celebrities seize control of their digital brands - interesting trend; the end is nigh

...but because of bloody branding, not blood moons

Liberals won’t support #TPP if dairy concessions are made: Eyking - & they will be... #canada

As cobras and vipers spread their deadly venom, it’s getting harder to save lives - capitalism, red in tooth & tooth

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