Thursday, 3 September 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150901 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Big money and close ties behind Big Pharma's Brussels lobby efforts – new study - #TTIP doubtless big focus

The case of Wang Yu, emblem of China's human rights crackdown - dark days for freedom in #china

Science vs. Lobbying: How to escape Regulatory Capture? - free conference, Brussels, 22 September

Journalists arrested on terrorism charges in #Turkey for using #crypto software - the war on crypto continues

Problem: Male Operators Use Surveillance Cameras For Ogling Women; Mayor's Solution: Employ Only Female Operators -

Why wind — and soon solar — are already cheaper than fossil fuels - hugely important graphs #energy (v @mbauwens)

Experts call for immediate halt to £7,000-per-#badger cull - "central importance of cattle-to-cattle transmission”

Experts warn that the G20's massive infrastructure plan will cause "rapid ecological deterioration." - not good

Could Tobacco Carveout Kill #TPP? - can't see this happening, alas...

What Happened to a Govt Scientist Whose Findings Stood in the Way of Big Oil's Plans for Arctic Drilling - staggering

Blue #whale caught on camera in English waters 'for the first time' - exciting; shows that conservation can work

526,964 people say to UK: Keep the ban on bee-killing pesticides - let's make it a million

Obama secures #Iran victory as 34th senator endorses nuclear deal - that's a relief

Movie Studio & Copyright Troll Claim 'Mere Possession' Of Popcorn Time Is Illegal & Could Result In A Year In Jail -

Coe: Athletics is about more than drugs, blood & urine - "global adviser to Nike is nonnegotiable": the man's a fool

How Washington Put Economics Ahead of Human Rights - because #TPP vincit omnia...

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