Saturday, 5 September 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150903 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Angry farmers hold massive tractor protest in Paris - just wait until they realise what #TTIP will do to them...

Report: Piracy levels drop in Australia thanks to Netflix, Stan and Presto - just as we predicted they would...

2 North Carolina teens hit with child porn charges after consensual sexting - more stupidity from the authorities

Open letter to Twitter to restore Politwoops access to API -

Rebekah Brooks' ex-security boss vows to blow whistle - excellent; I can hardly wait...

#Corbyn: "I am concerned about the way the EU is...secretly negotiating #TTIP." - wise man

#Badger cull gets underway in Dorset, Gloucestershire and Somerset - idiot farmers already lying about its "benefits"

.@USTradeRep's hilarious attempt to present failure to agree #TPP as a huge victory - talk about re-writing history

.@twitter Suspends Accounts For 'Infringement' Despite Not Linking To Any Infringing Works - very troubling

Google will comply with censorship laws to get Play store into China, says report - China 1, Google 0

California passes bill to kick coal out of pension funds - "nearly half a trillion dollars in assets." #divestment

The Shape of Space Telescopes to Come - fab post: long, detailed, exciting... #science

Can You Really Be A Copyright Expert If You Think #Copyright Should Last Forever? - evidence says no...

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