Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150914 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Mass arrests as police lock down Lambton Quay road after anti-#TPP protest  gallery  video - kudos #NZ

#TPP protesters arrested in Wellington - just give us the text #NZ

Help Preserve The Lives Of These Majestic Whales Before It Is Too Late - #japan's continuing contempt for the world

A Whale of a Win - "campaign to protect marine mammals from harmful underwater sonar finally pays off"; yay

Diamond #OpenAccess Gets Real: 'Free To Read, Free To Publish' Arrives - fascinating & clever approach #oa

#GCHQ data sharing with #NSA challenged in court by members of the public - your chance to submit complaint

Russia sides with Yandex, tells Google to unbundle search from Android - first China, now Russia; poor little Google

Interesting stats on people taking GNU/Linux courses on Udemy - #ontheup

Cassetteboy remix the news: Is Cameron a threat to context? – video - witty and damning #propaganda

Petition David Cameron to take serious diplomatic action against commercial whaling - #whales

Bernie Sanders rejects 'vicious' attack over his support for UK Labour leader -

Coming To A #Surveillance State Near You: Lip-Reading Computers - I'm sorry, Dave, you can't say that...

Presidential candidate Lawrence Lessig goes one on one with Ars - always interesting this @lessig chap....

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