Monday, 21 September 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150920 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Nuclear plant project a step closer as Osborne makes £2bn guarantee - UK gov pig-headed in the face of the facts...

John Key: #TPP will be 'best we can do' - as expected, he's preparing for the sell-out... #NZ

Does the Commission’s new proposal mark the end of #ISDS? - nope; excellent, detailed analysis why

Do the Commission’s reform proposals for #ISDS really solve the problem? - nope again; useful tabular analysis

"No 10 did not recognise any of the allegations" - this "non-recognition" has become standard non-denial denial

EU commission #ISDS proposal a threat to democracy and civil rights - another important analysis

VW Accused Of Using Software To Fool Emissions Tests: Welcome To The Internet Of Cheating Things -

Lipstick on the TTIP pig - further useful analysis of the #TTIP & #CETA mess, and why they must go

France confirms that Google must remove search results globally, or face big fines - things are getting heavy

German minister tells Volkswagen to clear up emissions scandal - getting pretty serious now... #vw

OECD: leading countries spend $200bn a year subsidising fossil fuels - paying for our own destruction...clever

#India joins war on #crypto, wants everyone to keep plaintext copies of all encrypted data for 90 days - bonkers

26,000 Canadian jobs at risk as #TPP auto talks resume, Unifor says - but hey, getting any agreement more important

An #ISDS Carve-Out to Support Action on Climate Change - "to identify language for an ISDS carve-out"

Company Acquires Rights To Drug Used By AIDS/Cancer Patients; Raises Per Pill Price From Under $14 To $750 - lovely

#VW scandal shows well why corporations cannot be trusted to have any control of regulatory mechanisms, as #TTIP intends: they will cheat

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