Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150928 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Health unions condemn 'disgraceful' £410,000 payoff to NHS executive - "disgraceful reward for mediocre performance”

Smart little 11-month-old baby figures out a clever way to climb off this bed - wow: look at that cogitation

Wild Things: Stop Forcing Baby Tigers to Swim with Tourists - sick

National politics put #TPP trade talks under pressure - but some see problems...

Bruselas quiere aprobar el #TTIP y el #TISA sin pasar por la ratificación individual de los 28 países miembros -

Have your say on the future of our #BBC - UK consultation made easy online by @38_degrees

UN Broadband Commission Releases Questionable Report On 'Cyber Violence' Against Women - detailed analysis why

.@SandstormIO is an #opensource platform for personal instances of web apps - interesting approach; nice control

How Would Software Freedom Have Helped With #VW? - "prepare yourselves for long haul of software freedom advocacy"

Harper promises dairy industry will be protected in any Pacific trade deal - uh-huh; we'll see #TPP

#Corbyn's speech included passages rejected by previous leaders - excellent, he believes in code re-use

#TPP secrecy fight in court - nice idea; maybe very slightly late, though...

You Can Now Turn Off Ads On Techdirt - good analysis of problem and its solutions

House Dems want investigation of #Malaysia's raised trafficking status - can't imagine they'll get it... #TPP

Time to say no to shameful #TPP trade-offs - how can #AU government consider trading people's lives for sugar?

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