Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150915 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

David Attenborough backs huge Apollo-style clean energy research plan - & nobody disagrees with him, do they?

#ISDS: Positive effects of TTIP tribunals for investment unclear - thus saith @MalmstromEU; just bin them, then

Dams create breeding grounds for malaria in Africa - gosh, mosquitoes might breed in lots of water - who knew?

Asbestos and jet engines on EU’s ‘green’ goods list for lower tariffs - tells you all you need to know about EU

#AU Government continues to rush China Free Trade Agreement process - only #TPP is dafter than #CHAFTA

.@MalmstromEU's proposals for reforming #ISDS will be broadcast live here: key issue is: will they apply to #CETA?

"new" #ISDS system will be conducted in public, by judges chosen at random from a pool; conflicts of interest forbidden #TTIP

.@MalmstromEU confirms that #CETA is not included in new #ISDS; so #CETA remains a backdoor for #ISDS, which makes new ICS useless...

people rightly picking on likely conflict between new ICS and EU law, as has already happened with #ISDS, eg in Romania #TTIP

here's the full text of the proposed investor chapter in #TTIP - (v @MarietjeSchaake)#ISDS #ICS

EU puts fresh coat of paint on ISDS, now re-branded as “Investment Court System” - CETA not included = ISDS backdoor

Conservatives rush to resolve #TPP auto-parts impasse before election - the panic is growing... #ca

Commission tries to “put lipstick on a pig” with alternative corporate court system - #ISDS #TTIP

also, note this from May 2015: US rejects EU proposal for investment court, insists on retaining #ISDS - #awkward

New wave of #fracking licences threatens hundreds of key English wildlife sites - this U-turn should be the headline

Larry @lessig Tells New Zealand Court That DOJ's Case Against Kim @KimDotcom Is A Sham - amazing post #NZ

"the entire government frontbench has settled for peering at Jezza as if he is a visitor from the planet Zog" - #UK

Senators push for aggressive currency manipulation language in #TPP - I doubt they'll get it...

Fuera el #TiSA de América Latina! - El pueblo unido jamás será vencido...etc etc

Final push for Pacific Rim pact set for end of September - we'll see... #TPP

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